Why it’s Beneficial to Use Checkbox for Document Workflow Automation

For every organization – from small and medium ones to large enterprises, documents are an extremely important part. You can consider different industry verticals, such as real estate, hospitality, travel and tourism, banking, IT, engineering, etc. and you’ll find how a wide variety of documents help in their processes. When you’ve got the proper documents prepared the right way, you can make people and processes accountable. But that’s not all. Documents help in assisting an organization’s on-going activities too. Thus, business plans, contracts and leases, proposals, annual reports, presentations, invoices, work orders, and more can be found in organizations belonging to different verticals.

In the past, organizations used to depend on manual document management programs. But with tons of data that we’re generating today, manual document management is no longer feasible. For the seamless functioning of your organization, you need to update and automate your documentation system for both organizational processes and workflows. Without it, surviving in the modern digital age would be tough, if not impossible. Even if you manage to survive somehow, manual document management would eventually have an adverse effect on your resources. So, if you’re struggling with your manual document management systems, it’s time to choose document workflow automation with Checkbox.

Why choose Checkbox?

Checkbox is Trusted Globally for the Document Workflow Automation. It comes with multiple features designed to help your workflow automation without the need for any coding knowledge or expertise. Some of the things you can do with Checkbox include:

Automatic generation of multiple documents:

Checkbox has a rich set of pre-built document templates, which you can use to create key documents like contracts, confidentiality agreements, copyright licences, financial reports, and much more. You just have to select the suitable template, after which you can automatically populate them to generate the documents you need. If you want to create some bespoke document templates, you can use Checkbox’s Word Add-In feature. These templates can then be used to generate the necessary documents. With the Word Add-In feature, you can not only add words or insert tags easily but even minimise errors while doing them. If your documents need to have an e-signature, you can even sign them easily with the E-signature feature.

If you want to see all these features live in action to have a better understanding of how they can benefit your organisation, you can request for a demo.

Create dynamic smart forms:

Sometimes, organizations need to present the necessary data in their documents. Checkbox has dynamic smart forms that let you collect all the required information and populate your documents automatically. Whether you need to collect and collate in-house data or want to capture visitor details easily and quickly,Request for Demo or you can use these forms that allow seamless data entry. These smart forms work with a drag-and-drop interface. The best thing is that to use them, you won’t need to touch a single line of code. These smart forms can even let you benefit from built-in data validation to produce precise documents every single time!

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