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Siteground is the leading web hosting company that founded in 2004. I am also using hosting services of Siteground and don’t have any issue with it. Some extra features make these hosting services popular online.

When we are using online blogs or any kind of online stores, the first thing that most of us want is for our blog to have the best online hosting that is available. There surely are a huge number of hosting services that are available for the people. Some of these services are extremely cheap while other of them is a bit costly for the users.

If I was to get a hosting service, I had to go with the best one available based on the features that it will offer as compared to the other ones. For that, it is extremely important that we must go through all the features that any of the hosting service providers offer without eating up your budget for sure.

SiteGround Uptime

Site uptime is the most important thing that we need to focus on while selecting a web hosting service.

Because what cheap hosting service providers do is to offer you below earth prices in exchange for the services, but they fail actually to deliver what was promised.

But this ends up making your website unavailable for the customers to view when they want to.

But if we use the SiteGround services that are known to be extremely great, We can stay assured that the website is always available as well as open for the visitors and it will save a lot from the losses that your business might have faced.

A small number of services take complete guarantee to offer you the best and SiteGround surely is one of those companies.

SiteGround Page loading time or speed stats

The slow loading on a website simply means that it will irritate the visitors and will offer them with poor conversions.

The average time that the visitors expect a website to load it is about two seconds, and if the website takes even a second more than that a huge number of visitors will end up abandoning your website for sure.

That is why it is important for us to choose a great hosting service provider that can provide your website with an excellent server to reduce the blog loading time along with the response time of your website.

SiteGround servers offer the websites with a server response time that is less than five hundred and six milliseconds. The reason behind its fast speed is the use of varnish cache technology.

It helps the server to get the lightning speed. That is why we recommend that choosing the SiteGround web hosting surely is the best decision.

Site Security with SiteGround

It is quite known that the websites made in WordPress are quite obvious to be hacked and can easily get various types of malware attacks for sure.

But this surely is up to the host service provider in order to offer us with the website safety and keep it secure through different kinds of vulnerabilities.

SiteGround has a huge number of different kinds of security measures that offers us the comfort that our website is being handled in safe hands.

They also offer SSL without any cost charged from the users. They also offer a daily backup facility for the users. It is to make sure that no data is lost even if something breaks or goes wrong with the website.

Daily backups

One thing that I can be absolutely carefree about by choosing this web hosting service provider is the daily backups that it offers to the users.

It not only provides the back up in case of emergencies or when something breaks down but on a regular basis as well.

The backup offered helps the restore the website to the original version that it had, even in case the website gets hacked by someone.

Backup, therefore, is the most important thing that must be paid attention towards but it is neglected by most of the web hosting providers.

The reason behind this is that the backup is a bit cumbersome and a complicated process to go through.

But the SiteGround solves this sort of problem for us. It takes automatic backups for our websites. The whole process is made a lot easier by taking the backups on a daily basis.

This will help us to restore the website to how it was a day before even in the cases if something goes down with the website.

They will offer us with thirty different copies of backup that belongs to each day of the previous month. It is totally up to us to choose any of the forms and restore the website by just a single click into whichever version we prefer.

Support System: Best Hosting With Prompt Support

The support system of any of the web hosting is the key factor that plays an important role in deciding the customer base as well as the business motives.

In case the hosting service provider happens to have a poor base, it will have a shorter lifespan. SiteGround saves you from encountering a situation like this and offers us the excellent service for the website and makes it lasts for a longer period of time as compared to the other ones.

The siteground offers twenty-four hours live chat option for the users in order to offer them with the required support.

The customer care executives are also available in order to offer the required assistance to the customers. The customer care executives are extremely friendly and try their best to offer you the solutions and maximum help that they can offer on their side.

Beginner Friendly: Is SiteGround Good for beginners?

A huge number of hosting websites are great for all the tech geeks out there who can handle things on their own, but what about the people who do not have any information about the technicalities.

The SiteGround surely is the best platform for all the beginners; they have got your back.

The web hosting service provider offers amazing support for the entire beginner out there with their wordpress websites.

They also have to offer you the free site migration service, and this will help you just in case you decide to transfer the hosting from one to another host that is available.

With SiteGround you will not have to worry even about a single thing. Everything will be easily taken care of, and all you will have to of is to fill in the details.

Staging Sites

The siteground offer staging area for the users without charging any kind of extra cost from the users. It is best suited for the designers who are eager to show their work and wants their website to be designed in a controlled as well as offline environment before releasing it on the internet. This makes the SiteGround an affordable and self-sufficient platform for all the users.

The designers and all the web developers out there are extremely satisfied by this sort of services that are offered by this particular web hosting service provider.

It is best as we can easily design and test the website simultaneously before actually uploading it on the internet and opening it for the visitors.


The SiteGround hosting does not only offer the users with the best features, but it is also one of the most affordable hosting services that anyone can provide you.

This service is meant for all including the freelance designers, small business owners or the bloggers.

SIteGround also happens to offer you the thirty-day money back policy which means that you can bid them goodbye at any moment without wasting even a single penny. It is guaranteed that if I wish to leave the website I can and also I will get all the money that I have spent with them.

Demerits of SiteGround: One Site at starter plan and limited space

The basic plan that is offered by the SiteGround allows to you host a single website at a time. It also offers the ability to host multiple websites at a time, but that starts minimum at $7.95 for every month.

The staring plan also offers the customers with extra ten GB of space. This surely is great for any of the website or blog. But in case any of us happen to have a huge website that receives huge traffic it is compulsory that we must buy the plan that will cost more and are higher.

The pricing structure

SiteGround provides three different plans for users.

  • Startup Plan: It is best for all the beginners and costs $3.95 per month.
  • GrowBig plan: this one is best to use for multiple websites at a time and will cost $7.95 per month.
  • GoGeek plan: This plan is best suited for all the larger websites and will cost about $14.95 per month.

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