Top High DA Directory Submission Sites list 2024

Directory submission is the off page seo technique. Directory submission sites allow the seo expert to add your business name, website URL and short description..

Choose the best directory submission sites with Good DA and traffic and start to submit your business on them.

Some directory site owners place gambling and casino ads to earn the more money. I don’t recommend using this type directory submission sites to submit your business. It can harm your Google ranking. There are also need to add other off page seo technique such as such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, profile creation and ping submission for creating the quality link for your business website.

What exactly is directory submission?

Presently, everyone is busy developing their own website to get huge popularity among internet users. But, only having a website is not the key to reach nearer the viewers.

It is very essential to promote the website, especially for those who want to promote their brands or businesses through the web.

To promote any website, directory submission is the perfect task. Directory submission is one of the off page SEO activities, which can give you the opportunity to add your website link in the online directory pages. It helps to list your business or brand in the online directories.

Does Directory submission increase the ranking and traffic to your website?

When you add your business in the online directories, so it gives a new identity to your company and make it popular in the global market. With this SEO activity, you can get many backlinks for your website and also increase the ranking and traffic to your website.

As we know that directories are the kinds of websites which are used to store complete information of any business or company.

Generally, online directories have space to add your business name and other business information which previously we have seen in the telephone directories.

Now, the web directories are working same as telephone directories, where anyone can get information about any company or business.

How to find directory submission sites list?

Today, we can find a huge quantity of directory submission websites on the web which are made especially to show your business details and present among the viewers. But, its main benefit is that you can see it anytime and anywhere.

Online directories are not like old phone directories; rather these are the online directories, so these are available for anyone. Hence, these directories are very popular among the users and viewers too. There are so many people around us who are not so aware with the digital marketing and relevant activities.

So, if you are a newbie in this digital world and want to promote your business through the directory submission task, we will help you and give you direction to use the directory submission sites and list your business in these sites.

Let’s see how to use directory submission sites below and know the exact way of listing your business on online directories.

How to Use Directory Submission Sites

  • Find out the highest page rank do follow directory submission sites on the search engine.
  • Choose each site one by one to make the directory submission task.
  • Register in the sites by filling the registration form with username, password and email id.
  • Read the rules and regulations of the site carefully before starting the task.
  • Now, click on the submission section of the site and a box will appear.
  • The submission box has three fields category, sub category and submit your site.
  • Firstly, add business category, then sub category and then add the link to your website.
  • Never miss any field from the above fields.
  • After filling the fields, click to the Submit Website button.

All the above steps give you the accurate way of making directory submission task in an easy and speedy way.

It is not so complicated; you just remember the way of performing each step one by one. With all these steps, people can add their businesses into online directories and make it accessible for everyone and everywhere.

How Directory submissions connect the business and new customers?

Directory submission sites come to the existence, especially to make known your business at the global level. Here, you can find enough space to add your business name, product information and other details which can be shown on the directory submission sites online.

Presently, it is essential to be online to boost your business; your online presence can help you to meet new connections relevant to your business and new customers who are interested in your products and services.

So, these sites are working like the platform for online brand promotion where you can show the specialties of your brand and aware the audience about the quality of your brand.

Generally, India directory submission sites are useful for small scale, medium scale and large scale business industries.

We know that every type of business requires marketing and need the connection with the targeted audiences and these sites can give you all these under one single roof. This is the reason that most of the search engine optimization experts and new users also like to use these sites to perform directory submission task as an off page SEO activity.

Reach to your target audience with Directory submission sites

It is a true fact that if you want to get the high jump and great success in your business, so you have to be online and meet the people online. Only in this way can give your business quick and easy marketing which is essential to boost the popularity of any business.

It is the greatest way to reach directly closer to your targeted customers and keep connected with them time to time, you should ask them about your product and service and regularly get feedback from them.

If you perform all these tasks frequently, so you can enhance the productivity of your business, become favorite of your viewers and find immense success.

The online world always with you to give you full support during establishes your business on the web.

You just use some easy tricks and tools of digital marketing like directory submission and give a new identity to your business in the online world.

Definitely, you will achieve your goal very soon and hope you understand that what is the directory submission task and how to use its relevant sites to add your business name in the online directories. Once, you get the exact idea about the sites and its working, so any new user can also get success to list his or her business in the online directories simply.

So, if you are working on offline marketing and still not get required success, so why you are waiting, just start working on a directory submission task. And hope very soon you will make popular your business through directory submission sites.

Emerging Classifieds Advertising Sites

Top approved Dofollow Free Directory Submission sites – 2024

Following are some directory submission sites that can help you to get the quality link.


Top High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites list India

Do’s And Don’ts Of Directory Submission Sites

People often create websites, but they do get many problems when there is no traffic on there, to do that, they need to boost the ranking of their website on Google and other search engines. And for that, the person requires to generate the backlinks that they can do with the help of these India Directory Submission sites. Now, some people may not have an idea about these things, and they are not aware of the benefits they can get and what they should do and what not while using these sites.

There is nothing to worry about that; most people do not; in fact, when I first heard about these sites, I was not even aware of it is? Here, we will explain to you the things related to the directory submissions sites and what you should do and do not do while using that. So, take some time to read this!


Here, I have mentioned some important points that you need to do while using these directory submission sites, and those points are below-

  • If you want to increase the traffic on your website, it is important to choose or submit the website to some reputed directories because they will only offer you the quality of backlinks.
  • Always be choosy while selecting the words and also avoid using spammy content. Better not be repetitive in every link created because that will not create new traffic. Look for the keywords that are distinct.
  • You need to look for the directory that provides the different or unique categories that will help create a better organization and provide all the information on the website into different categories that will help in getting the information quickly.
  • Always remember to check the domain authority of the directory.
  • For the content you are posting, you need to make sure that the title and description are on point and appropriate. And always remember to put the Keyword in the title because you will only get the people’s attention from there.
  • You can even check the directory once and check whether the website is already listed or not, and if it is, then it will save a lot of your time.
  • Quality is one of the main factors that you should keep in your mind, better not to opt for any links with non-quality content because it will only reduce your website’s reputation.
  • Keep track of everything; you should check the submissions and regularly think of the approval status and check whether it has come.

Benefits of Free Directory Submission Sites

It is one of the most effortless ways through which you can through which you can find several information and links. It can be quite beneficial for your websites as it boosts the search engine ranking and helps in increasing the traffic on your websites. Through this, you will be able to enable the website owner to submit their information of the website to the web directory.

There are different types of directory submissions, and those are- Basic, Manual and Multiple Directory Submission and all of them have their own benefits, which are mentioned below-

  • It helps in boosting the popularity of the backlinks, which is really important for the SEO practice, and it provides you with the best quality backlinks.
  • Through this, you can get the required exposure, which can be the best way to boost the search engine.
  • A person can even do the page indexing, and after that, these search engines will start locating your website.
  • It will use the right keyword to influence the different websites and help generate traffic to your website.

These are the benefits that you can experience, but if you want to enjoy those, then you need to know what are the things that you need to do and what not while using this website. 

Top 10 Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List – 2024

Top Best 10 Directory Submission Websites For Businesses!!

Are you looking for the top best high DA Directory Submission Websites? If yes, you have visited the right place, as I have listed the top 10 Directory Submission Websites, which will bring quality to your brand. But have you ever considered that do directories still hold a value in 2021? Though not as much as it used to be but you can even use these directories to list your website and enhance branding.

In the past years, directories were used as an effective seo strategy for boosting the site’s performance to rank higher, but it does not hold that much value like it used to be in the past. These days, Google is becoming more intelligent than it used to years before.

With continuous changes in the algorithm, like the page experience update as google still consider the link as a contributing factor in top-ranking, but it does not consider all the links in the same way.

Nowadays, links from web directory submissions are less useful and powerful than a contextual link driven from high-authority websites because it adds more value to your site when the niche is specified.

It does not mean that Directory Submission Websites are useless as they can still boost your rank, especially for local businesses. Without further ado, let us discuss the top 10 Directory Submission Websites.

  1. Botw

Best of the web directory is one of the most reliable directory submission sites with over 44000 active customers’ traffic every month. Thus, it is perfect for all businesses, which will bring some quality links to your business site. Listing your business on the BOTW directory will surely boost your site’s visibility and increase organic traffic.

  1. Entireweb

Another on my list is the entireweb; it is a directory submission site as well as a search engine. It is considered best in term operating that means you will get instant approval once you have submitted your website. Thus, it also offers premium versions with extensive features, which can give you access to numerous data and contacts about various companies.

  1. Viesearch

Viesearch is among my best online directories as it has good authority and offers an instant approval feature like the entireweb directory. The best part about viesearch is that you will get tons of categories, where you can list your website, while the paid version will provide you with more flexibility and access to data.

  1. Blogarama

Next on my top 10 list is blogarama; I have included this online directory because it has more than 143000 active blogs. And the best feature of this directory is that it automatically obtains and adds information regarding your latest blog post, which updates the data on online directories.

  1. Somuch

Somuch offers a free directory website listing, and once you have submitted your website, you will get your site approved within three days. With over 50,000 active traffic, you have an excellent opportunity to grab the targeted audience’s attention and add authority to your site.

  1. Aboutus

Earlier, aboutus was known by the name of the domain directory, but these days the directory has been allowing us to add websites. With more than 190k traffic, the directory is cost-free, and you will get approval as soon as possible.

  1. Spoke

Spoke is a community platform for finding persons, businesses, topics, and many more. That means you can list your website free of cost as well as add various topics. It will surely boost your site’s visibility, but you need to stay consistent in posting quality content.

  1. Local

Local is a sole directory for businesses that means you can list your company for providing more information to the potential audience and increase the chances of getting more traffic. For the record, it has already listed more than 100000 businesses.

Top Instance approved Free Directory Submission sites Jan – 2024

Types Of Directory Submission Sites

  1. Manual Directory Submission Sites

In manual Directory submission sites india, you must complete the task by yourself, which can be tough and challenging for some businesses. Not to mention, this method will consume your time and can only generate backlinks when you complete the tasks. However, you should know that it would list your website in search engine results within a few days. Once the search engine identifies the incoming links received from your website, it will improve your site’s ranking.

  1. Dofollow Directory Submission

If you are looking for a way to boost your blog’s ranking, then you don’t have to look further than this type of directory submission site. Dofollow submission sites are among the best ways to list your website higher in SERP. Most bloggers opt for this submission website to drive more organic traffic to their blogs.

These links allow web crawlers to extract information and display it over search engines. Listing your products and services on dofollow directory submission ensures that they would be featured in relevant search engine result pages.

  1. Nofollow Directory Submission

Generating links from this Directory submission sites india is near to impossible because many businesses never got their backlinks. So, if you opt for listing your business on this directory submission site, ensure to take calculative measures to get approved by the administrator.

These links are considered best for a reputed website as they keep the crawler from leaking site information. However, it is better to upload information on these Directory submission sites only when relevant to the website theme. Still, it does not have any or little value associated with the SEO point of view.

  1. Niche Directory Submission

In this Directory submission site, you would be able to list RSS feeds, software and script, web hosting companies, web designers, SEO companies, blogs, and other online businesses under its main domain. You should know that every niche directory submission works on a particular subject, which means you would be listed under a specific category of a directory list.

Here, you are required to define the niche of your online business and list it under a specific category. You can even choose from a sub-category to define what your online business is all about. For instance, if you own an apparel website, you should submit your website details to a Directory submission site that lists apparels related websites.

These are different types of directory submission sites, which you can choose from your own preferences and business needs. We have undertaken various analyses to discover these submission sites; you should list your website to generate business leads.

Hi Guys, Let me know if you have enjoyed the my article of directory submission..I will update it as found some new directory.. Give your valuable feedback through comment..

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