WPX Hosting Coupon Code July 2020: 50% OFFF Plus Free SSL, Migration & Cloud CDN

If you are looking for WPX Hosting coupons codes in order to get discount on Wpx hosting then you are on right portal. We share and update Wpx Hosting coupons each month as we received the new hosting deal from WPX hosting.

For now, You can get 50% off on all hosting package of WPX Hosting.

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Active WPX 50% OFF Coupon

WPX Hosting Coupons Code July 2020 – Limited Time Offer

Use special Wpx discount code will help you to get 50% off on all hosting package with great features.

Grab these below deal by clicking the “Active Deal” Button. I will also share here seasonal WPX coupons and other deals such as new year sale, Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale etc.

WPX Hosting PlanRegular PriceSpecial PriceLink to Get 50% Discount
Business$24.99$12.50Active Deal
Professional$49.99$25Active Deal
Elite$99$49.50Active Deal

How to use WPX hosting coupons code 2020

To get 50% off on all WPX hosting plan follow the below steps:

(1) Firstly click on “Active coupons” button it will send you on WpX hosting site. You can also grab this deal through our special discount link.

(2) Now you want to discount on monthly basis then choose the “monthly option”.

(3) Now it is time to choose the hosting plan as per your website need and click on Get started button. You can host your blog either in the USA or UK

(4) In this step, There are two option available, one is hosting only and other one is “I need new hosting+ domain”.

If already have blog then click “hosting only” Button. WPX hosting will transfer your site from current hosting to WPX hosting for free.

(5) In this Step, You have to apply the Wpx hosting coupons code to get 50% instant off on WPX for one month. So please choose monthly billing cycle and apply discount code(Digitechpost) and click on continue button.

You can clearly see that coupon code is applied successfully and it showing 50% off on hosting for first month.

(6) Now it’s time to make payment for first month hosting plan, So here you can complete your order and can host your blog on WPX hosting.

II think, above step help you to buy the WPX hosting buy, If  you are still thinking that you should go with WPX or not then let’s look at all detail about the WPX hosting and why you should host your blog on WPX.

About WPX Hosting

The WPX Hosting is the leading provider of Managed WordPress hosting services. WPX Hosting was founded in 2013.

The WPX Hostingis one of the fasting hosting services who are serving with its paramount skills from a prolonged period, and the WPX Hosting is offering the features which are reliable and easy to use.

They are charging very reasonable price over that plans as they are charging the amount of $24.99 month, They allow to host up to five wordpress websites with this plan.

If you are looking for the most exceptional wordpress hosting services then you can go Wpx Hosting is offering the more affordable options so that you can consider the finest one according to your necessities.

The WPX is one of the fines best managed word press hosting solution which has been recommended by experts the blogging is currently hosting on the WPX Hosting cloud servers which are more reliable.

WPX Hosting has its own USPs which are containing top most security, speed along with support.

Here we are going to elaborate on the things that you need to know about the WPX Hosting and how do the WPX Hosting works and what are features and services that are offered by the WPX Hosting to serve the consumers with ease.

Why WPX hosting is Perfect for You – Top WPX Hosting Features

Below I have added top features WPX Hosting that make it differ from other hosting.

So without investing much time, let’s check them out to unveil more information regarding the WPX Hosting. For more deep and detailed information you can check out the WPX Hosting .

Faster Website Loading Time:

 As far as I know noticed faster website loading is the one of best feature of wpx hosting. Website speed is very important for SEO Perspective.

The speed is the necessity of the website, and less loading time will help you to generate more traffic on your website, the speed plays an essential role in word press.

WPX Hosting is offering the maximum speed, which is serving the users to be at ease while operating it.

The WPX Hosting is allowing the users to load the website within 2 to 3 seconds and more often your website will consume only two seconds to load the page

WPX Hosting has launched its WPX cloud that make your website faster and improve website performance.

If you are serving your content to international audience then WpX hosting should be your first choice as it have own WPX Cloud that will help you to serve your website content on international level with high speed loading time. You will never worry about website speed when you host your website on Wpx Hosing.

Check your website speed in each county by Pingdow tools after enable the WPX Cloud. Your website speed will be super fast in those countries where WPX serve your website content.

Free Site Migration:

The WPX Hosting team is offering you the unlimited migrations that you can use easily by creating a ticket on WPX hosting, they will migrate your website within few hours without wasting more time.

That’s means, You don’t need to worry about that loss of traffic and site Downtime.

WPX business plan offers us to host up to 5 websites and also five migrations can be made entirely free after the client has purchased the plan.

When you are willing to migrate your hosting on WPX, then you need to create tickets for the migration to make the migration free of cost, and their sites will be migrated within five hours. It’s also a amazing features of WPX hosting that I like too much.

Free Daily Backups and 99.95% Uptime Guarantee:

 The WPX Hosting offers you free daily backup facility as some of another famous hosting provider who is charging a specific amount of money over the backups.

While, WPX Hosting don’t charge you any amount for daily backup. That’s means, Your site is in safe hand and will always available for your users to serve them useful content. also this daily backup plan comes with all hosting plan that keep safe your data on server.

They will make your site live within some time when your some file has removed from serer. So I  highly recommend WPX for blogging and your business.

The backup of your site can be made every day, and at last 28 days, the backup will be done inside your dashboard. Such backups are stored in the different servers where these backups are kept safe.

Free SSL Certificates:

SSL certificate protect your site online from hacking, SSL encrypts communications between the end-user and the server. Google also give more importance to those sites that have SSL certificate. 

Most of you don’t know that WPX Hosting and LetsEncrypt are partners and this bond together is allowing you to get free SSL certificates which can be handled easily during the renewal of such certificates before expired.

Once you are done with your SSL renewal then you will get notified through email. Free SSL feature comes with all WPX hosting plan.

Free Email Setup:

With the help of WPX Hosting, You can create create your own domain email accounts; this is the most amazing feature which has been provided by WPX Hosting.

You are allowed to create as much email address as you are planning. You are proficient in assigning the storage for several email boxes so that such boxes will not use all the space that you have allotted for them.

WPX Hosting Plan & Price:

The WPX Hosting is the company which offers several different three plans that are a business, professional and elite.

WPX Hosting is the fastest web hosting services, and it has been offering several different and unique features which you are unable to get somewhere else.

  • Business
  • Professional
  • Elite

Let’s look at hosting plan, cost and Features.

1. Business: You can buy this plan if your blog has low traffic and recently you have started  blogging. 

If you are one of them who are starting new website then it will be good plan for you. make your website super fast with Wpx Business plan.

You will be charged $24.99 per month for this plan, this plan will allow you to host up 5 blog with 100 GB bandwidth. How much bandwidth your site is consuming, you can check in WPX dashboard . SSD server boost your website loading time.

2. Professional: This plan come with more hosting resource if we compare it business plan. You can host up to 15 website with this plan.

 I will recommend this plan if you have good traffic on your blog. I also analyzed that which WPX hosting plan is being used by most of bloggers and I found that they are using the Professional and business plan.

You will have to pay $49.99 per month for this plan. Professional plan offer you 200 GB bandwidth and 20 GB disk along with dedicated RAM and SSD servers to boost your website performance.

3. Elite: This plan is very advanced plan of WPX hosting that you can consider when your website has high traffic from search engine and other traffic sources. You can host up 35 website with this plan.

You will have to pay $99 per month. You can host up 35 website with Unlimited bandwidth.

As far as I know Unlimited bandwidth is the amazing feature of this plan that allow to send unlimited traffic to your blog. Elite plan will offer you 40 GB disk space along with the dedicated RAM and SSD servers.

All Wpx Hosting Plan Comes With Following Features

  • Free site migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Daily malware scan
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Free email setup
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24 x 7 x 365 live chat (customer support)

FAQ About WPX Hosting Coupons 2020

Does WPX Hosting serves the Clients with the CDN?

Yes! The WPX Hosting comes with the built-in CDN, which is known as the WPX cloud that is capable of loading the content from the server, which is available nearly.

Does WPX Offer Free SSL certificates?

Indeed! The users are capable of getting the SSL certification for free, and they are proficiently getting it for free along with the automatic renewal.

Do the clients are Capable of Transferring their website for free?

Yes! The clients are allowed to migrate their website from some other to the WPX Hosting as they are capable of getting the migration for free.

Does WPX Hosting Provide Free Email?

Yes, You can create the unlimited email account with WPX hosting without any space restriction. This facility available with all hosting plan.

What is WPX Hosting ‘Fixed For You’ Guarantee”

Wpx Hosting provide the great technical support for you when you are facing any technique issue on your blog.

They will fix your issue without paying any fee to them. That’s means your site in safe hand and you don’t need to worry about it.

Does WPX Hosting give Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes, Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with their services. They offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee for all their users.

Does WPX Offer 50% OFF on Yearly Subscription

No, WPX hosting only offers 50% discount for first month when you choose the monthly subscription, then you will be charged with regular price of WPX hosting.

But you can get 2 month free WPX hosting by choosing the yearly subscription. I also recommend to go with yearly plan to save $48. No coupon code needed to active yearly subscription.

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