Cloudways Coupon & Promo Code – Get Maximum Discount [100% Working]

If you are actively looking for Cloudways coupon code then you have landed on right place as we share the latest Cloudways coupons and offers to get the many more discount.

Digitechnopost reader can get 10% off for the 3 months (first three invoices), So hurry up and grab this deal and host your blog on Cloudways.

Following are cloudways coupons code to get the maximum discount on cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Promo Code - 2023 [100% working]

To claim the deal, Just click on Show coupon “button” to copy coupon code and then paste it on checkout page of Cloudways site and grab these deals.

(1) Cloudways Coupon Code: Get 10% OFF for 3 Month

Cloudways Coupon Code: Get 10% OFF for 3 Months (First Three Invoice)

Cloudways Coupon Code: Get 10% OFF for 3 Months (First Three Invoice)

Use this special promo & coupon code to get 10% OFF for three months hosting (First three invoices). Copy the coupon code and paste it on cloudways signup page to active this deal. Active this deal and get benefits of it's amazing features.
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    How to Claim the Cloudways Discount Code

    Firstly, You need to visit the Cloudways website. Click on Active Deal button to visit the Cloudways or You can visit through our Cloudways discount link (Active 10% Discount 3 month deal.)

    Now, You are on Cloudways website, Click on “Get started free” button. this action will send you on Signup page. You can see below.

    Create the your account on Cloudways. Choose the option from “I would like best decribe my Self as” and “monthly hosting spending is”. It’s time to apply the promo code, now click on “Got a Promo Code” Apply our special Coupon code “CWMAXIOFF” and click on “Start Free” Button.

    Now enter your phone no to receive the activation code on your phone. Click on “SEND ACTIVATION CODE” button. Verify the account by your phone no.

    In this step, You will receive the Welcome and activation email. Active the email and get started your blog with Clowdways.


    About Cloudways

    The Cloudways was founded in 2011, cloudways offers the clients with the managed and easily accessible hosting services which have aimed to serve the uses with the most exceptional quality features as possible.


    They are working hard each day to make ourselves better, and They are trying to make numerous changes so the clients will be at ease while consuming the leverage power of the cloud servers and

    These servers are endow by the massive infrastructures like the Amazon, DigitalOCean and Google.

    Why Cloudways is Perfect for Your blog - Top Features of Cloudways

    24/7 Support System:

    Cloudways has active and preventive support who are able to handle the any problem. You can feel free to contact them any time without paying any extra charges.

    They will take few second to respond you. Cloudways provide customer support through live chat, ticket system and online forum.

    So Use our special discount code to get 10% OFF for first 3 month.

    Free Migration Service:

    One of the best feature is Cloudways free migration that we really like. This features can be helpful for you too much when you are not complete to do the website migration. Clowdways will transfer your website from old host to new host on your small request.

    Simply create the ticket for migration request of your blog and provide the complete detail of your previous hosting. they will migrate your blog in 24 hours. Chat Support always ready to help you any time.

    Unlimited Application:

    Cloudways allows to install more than 15 apps such as Worpress, Drupal, Joomla and many more with single click.

    You don’t need more technical knowledge to use the Cloudways setting and interface. Their expert team always available to do this type task for you.

    Free SSL Certificate:

    Cloudways offer free and paid SSL certificate, You can choose as per your need. You can active the free SSL certificate with one click in SSL certificate setting of Clowdways. You can also enable Auto renewal features in Cloudways.

    Top-Notch Security:

    Cloudways uses the dedicated OS level firewall to filter out the bad traffic that can destroy your blog.

    They also perform the security patches to make safe your blog. If you are with Cloudways then your blog is in safe hand.

    Free SSL certificate will be install on your blog to keep the data safe between browser and server.

    Easy To Start:

    Hosting your blog on cloudways in not difficult task. Simply, you have to sign up and use the promo code and get three month free hosting credit.

    Verify your account through email and phone. You can choose the application and install on server without any hassle.

    Site migration services also provided by the cloudways, totally free of cost. So you can migrate your existing blog from current hosting to cloudways easily.

    You will have to create the ticket for migration and they will safely transfer your blog on cloudways.

    High Speed Servers

    If we talking about the speed of the cloudways the server, it is amazing compare to other hosting server. They are using the latest technology with their server to make them super fast.

    Cloud provider is also a part of the speed boosting, so you can’t ignore them, when you choose the cloud provider with cloudways hosting.

    Cloud providers like DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr are best to host your blog, website and e-commerce sites. Super fast speed make it differ from other hosting provider.

    Free Trial & Offers:

    Cloudways always run the special offers and deals to attract to customer. At regular interval, they offer the special discount on managed hosting. so try Cloudways free trial and enjoy the three month free hosting with $30 free hosting credit. You can active this deal by using ” CWMAXIOFF ” promo code. So grab this deal before it expired.

    Affordable Pricing

    If we talk about the cloudways plan price is quite affordable. You will have to pay only for resources that are used by you.

    Many hosting provider don’t allow you to customize the hosting resources and setup their limit. But , with Cloudways, you can customize your hosting resources and their limit as per your need. They charge only for those resources that are utilized by you.

    You will have also permission to upgrade and downgrade the server speed. This types of features you can get only with cloudways.

    Cloudways FAQ

    Why Should You Prefer the Cloud Hosting?

    The cloudways is entirely based on the infrastructure that enables you to use numerous servers to host your website, as it is different from the traditional hosting where the client will be at ease while operating a single server which is used for your site.

    The usage of multiple servers will be helpful at there is a built-in tendency, whether any particular server appears available.

    The second things are this the cloudways hosting offers the clients with ease by providing them with easy scalability. You can also see all activities that are happening on your blog, hosting resource utilization. 

    Why should You Choose the Cloudways Over Other Hosting Services?

    Why should you prefer the cloudways instead of any other hosting services as we all know that the cloud hosting is not an easy task to be made,

    But cloudways is capable of serving it’s clients with the most exceptional possible results.

    They charge the cheap amount of money over the specific task so the clients or the users will be at ease while opting us and this is our primary feature as we take care of the budget of a particular plan. 

    Does Cloudways offer the Sharing Hosting Plan

    No, it don’t offer shared hosting and the dedicated servers. They offer a number of the pre-designed, general use hosting plans, these each plan offers the predetermined allocation of the RAM, CPU cores, the storage and the bandwidth as well.

    You need to choose or identify the specific cloud provider whose infrastructure is easy to use, and these are infrastructures which are you willing to use.

    You can pay according to your wish as you are allowed to pay the charges by per month, or you can choose the per hour payment method.

    Which Payment Method Cloudways Allowed

    The cloudways charges the plans which begin from the $0.0139 per hour or the clients can consider the per month payment method, which is $10 per month.

    But the payments may vary according to the infrastructure that you choose according to your desire.

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