Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2024

Blog commenting is a great way to connect the blog viewer and site owner or blogger to each other. You can also get the niche relevant back link through blog commenting.

Blog comment is the best off page seo techniques that are liked by SEO expert. It is an action that taken by the blog readers to ask the question to the blogger and site webmaster.

Blog Readers leave the comment for site webmaster in the form of question, and then they get proper response from the site webmaster and also get the quality link.

As blogging is one of the most favorite tasks of digital marketing experts, same as blog commenting is also very crucial task in the search engine optimization activities.

It is a true fact that people love to read blogs and articles on the web and this is the main reason for gaining huge popularity of blogging and blog commenting task. As we know that today people are passionately reading the blogs on the web, same they also like to make comment on the comment box of the blog site.

Why you should comment on relevant blog?

Blog commenting is a place where readers can give their response relevant the blog. It helps to show your interest towards the blog, blogger and blog related topic.

With the feedback of readers, blog commenting also helps to get the higher backlinks to the site or blog promotion. Hence, this task is considered as the important off page activity in the search engine optimization.

Every business website or blog always required direct connection with the viewers and blog comment is a path to bring you closer to your viewers.

Reason Behind to Keep comment section on Blog

This is the reason that when people hire a web designer to create their online presence in the form of a blog or website, so they tell designer to create a place for user’s comment on the web page, because if your web page has no space to leave comments or feedback, so the web page is looking like an incomplete page in which no place to add the comment or response, so it cannot tie you with your viewers.

To make a strong connection with the targeted audience, you should make a perfect website or blog site in which you should add a comment box in a page.

How to connect with site owner through Blog commenting

There are so many experts use this significant search engine optimization activity and create various high quality backlinks. There are so many blog commenting sites available on the web, which give you platform to add your comment and make a direct connection with the site owners or blog owners. But, how to use these sites is also very crucial question for the new users; but don’t worry about it, today we will share with you the exact way of using the blog commenting sites. It is very simple and effortless process, but users need to follow it properly.

How to use blog commenting sites in 2024

  • Find out the highest page rank do follow blog commenting sites on the search engine.
  • Select your likable subject to read the blog which should be related to your business or hobby.
  • Read the blog properly and try to know the views and feelings of the blogger.
  • After reading the blog, move your cursor to the end of the page.
  • Now, you reach to the bottom of the page where the comment box appears.
  • You can see some blocks like name, email, website and comment in the comment section.
  • Fill all blocks with details and also fill the comment which you actually realize for the blog.
  • Now, you should click on the Post button.

If you follow all these steps one by one, so definitely you will get success in the task of posting comments for blog or website. With these steps, anyone can express the views and opinions regarding the blog and become a viewer of the blog.

But, how to choose the high page rank do follow sites is also a big task for the new user. To find perfect sites, you have to analyze each site one by one and select the best sites among the other sites.

With the site selection, users need to be cautious about the blog commenting task. Now, we are going to share with you some essential tips regarding this crucial SEO task.

See Some Important Facts about Blog Commenting Sites

  • Select Most Liked and Interested Topics to Read blog

If you choose a boring and uninterested topic to read, so you cannot give any comment quickly. And, if you read your favorite topic, so you can easily give comments.

  • Fill the Correct Information

When you see some blocks in the comment section, so always fill the correct information about your name, email id and website, never fill wrong information.

  • Add Subject Relevant Comment

It is very essential to post subject relevant comment, because it shows your interest towards the blog and also show your response to the blogger.

  • Share Information

If you know something new about the topic, so you should share with the other viewers and bloggers too. It gives closer to the bloggers and viewers too.

  • Use Friendly Words

In the comment box, always talk friendly. You need not use heavy words or tough language in the comment. You should post a comment just like talking with others.

All the above points make you alert about the essential facts of blog commenting sites which you should adopt in your blog commenting task and make your task perfect.

Now, you can understand that blog commenting task is not so difficult like other tasks of search engine optimization, but you have to be cautious while working on this task.

As we know that there are many tasks in SEO, but this blog commenting is completely different and easy going task. Here, you need not write a big content like article or description; you have to read very small content, but stick to the correct and live topic which you read in the blog.

Can new guys learn the blog commenting easily?

So, if you are a new guy and wanted to learn something about the blog commenting task and blog commenting sites, so definitely you have learned enough regarding these topics.

So, whenever you want to start a blog commenting task, follow all the shown steps to use the sites and also make sure the facts which we have discussed above. This is one and only one task which can give you a huge quantity of backlinks for the blog or website. So, enhance your online presence with this easy task and add new viewers to your website or blog.

Emerging Article Submission Sites

Site NameDA

Top High DA Dofollow Digital marketing & Social Media Blog Commenting Sites LIst 2024
Elegant Themes Blog
Matthew Woodwar
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Authority Hacker

Free Technology Blog Commenting Sites list 2024

You should have all link building resources list before starting to promote your business online. Same thing will be applied for all category business such tech services, and IT services.

If you want to promote the technology business then you should have the list of the tech relevant sites from where you can earn the quality link.

Below, We have created the list of the technology blog commenting sites that are not easy to find on other blog.

Fashion Blog Commenting Sites List

We have created the list of high quality fashion blog for Dofollow blog commenting that can help you to build the natural link and improve the website SEO. If you are looking for fashion blog commenting sites list then following list of the fashion blog can be used for blog commenting.

Food Blog Commenting Sites List

You can’t ignore the blog commenting off page technique when you do the SEO for your website. Below list of the food blog can help you if you are handling the SEO for food website and looking for the quality backlink from blog commenting. I also give the first priority to blog commenting when I need the quality backlink for my blog.

Free Dofollow Health blog commenting sites List 2024

If you are looking for health blog commenting sites that can help you to get the quality Dofollow link for your blog. We have researched some quality health blog for you that are added below. So submit your comment on these health blog and earn the quality link. We update this list on regular basic so that newbie can find relevant blog for blog commenting.

List of Quality Dofollow Legal Blog for Blog Commenting 2024

Top 5 Commenting Systems for Blogs

Do you love writing blogs and want to connect with the people who read them? If you do, you should have a comment system on your blog, so if you do not have one, you should make it happen. It is the best way through which you will be able to connect with the visitors that reads your blog daily.

You will get to know their response and opinion about your blog and your writing. Now, most of you do not have an idea about the blog commenting or types of commenting system and many other things related to that.

If you also do not have the idea, do not worry because we are here to explain that. We will talk about the commenting system, why a person should have that, and the types of commenting systems that a blog can have.

Commenting System :

It is the way through which you can allow people to comment on your blog, and you will also get the chance to connect with them. They will be able to respond to your belongings, and you will get to know their opinion. You can also chat with them in the comment section, and you will get to know what they are expecting from you and how you can make things better.

If you do not have the comment system yet on your blog, then it is time that you should think about it because if I am writing a blog, I will make sure that I will get the response from the people. It can be good or bad, I would welcome them and try to make it look even better so that people can love it, and I could drive more traffic or visitor to my blog.  

There are so many comments systems which are getting popular among the people and not just that they have been offering some amazing features which can be quite interesting. So if you want to know about that, then you should read it out. if you are recently start the blog and looking for best wordpress hosting, then I will recommend WPX hosting that is world fastest wordpress hosting provider. Use the WPX hosting coupons code and buy the WPX hosting on maximum discount.

Benefits of Having Commenting System For blogs

These commenting systems can offer you some amazing advantages that a person can experience, and those are mentioned in the following points-

  • It helps in improving the blog visibility.
  • Drives more traffic on your blog
  • Helps in building relationship
  • Build links

5 Best Commenting System for Blogs

There are so many commenting systems that you can choose from in the year 2021. These systems can be quite beneficial for a person, and they can also help the blogger in many ways. Some of those commenting system for blogs are mentioned in the following points-

Disqus Comment System:

Disqus is a third-party system for comment, which is getting popular among bloggers nowadays. Most bloggers use this commenting system in their blogs because it is a strong moderation commenting system. If you are using this, then it will offer you some advanced features such as advanced administration, moderation option, and social networking. In this way, you will be able to reach lots of people.

Why choose Disqus commenting system

  • If you choose this system, your blog will provide you with some amazing social networking features.
  • This system is capable of every type of website and blog, which can be the best thing you can have. You can install the commenting system on your site by code as well as by plug-in.
  • It is the safest system that people can use; first, they need to sign in, and it allows people to comment on your website or any other.
  • It also allows the users to add the media file in the comment, which means if you are commenting on anyone’s blog, you will also be able to add the image in it. If you do not want this feature, then you can disable it.
  • You can also change the link and background color of the site, and the best part is you can earn money from native advertisements if you use this Disqus commenting system.

If you are thinking of using the Disqus commenting site, that can benefit you as you can experience some great advantages.

Facebook Comment:

Everyone is familiar with Facebook, right? It is a social media website where you can connect with people; it is one of the biggest platforms in the world. There are so many people that use Facebook, and that is why the Facebook Commenting system is getting popular.

Everyone has a Facebook account, and the people who will visit your blog will also have one. They will be able to comment on your post, and you will see their name and can know more about them by seeing their profile.

Why choose Facebook Comment?

  • Nowadays, everyone has their Facebook account, and this makes it easy for them to comment on the blog because they do not have to go through the long signing-in option.
  • If you have any reply to their comment, they will get the notification through Facebook and be aware of everything.
  • The best part is that you will be able to get to know the people who have commented on your post, you will be able to make a connection with them through Facebook.
  • You will be able to know about the commenter’s location, profile, and other information, but you can only get to know on the Facebook privacy setting.

Using Facebook commenting for your blog can be the best thing if you want to connect with the people and want more people to comment on your blog. I personally think that it is the most effective and best way to increase the number of visitors or comments on your blog.

Livefyre Comment:

Another popular comment system that is getting much popular is LiveFyre. It is a system almost similar to the Disqus, and if you want to comment on the blog, you need to sign in through the Livefyre account.

Why choose Livefyre Comment?

  • Sign-in is very easy for the users; all they need is a livefyre account that will help you create an email address for free if you sign in via any social media network such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • It offers you so many features such as multiple moderators, blacklists, whitelists, protection from spam, and many more.
  • If you use Tumblr and WordPress as the blogging platform, you can install this commenting system so easily without any hassle.

You may have got knowledge about the different commenting systems that you can use in the blog; every system has its pros and cons. But I suggest you find the one commenting system that is more user-friendly and offers you the best benefits or features that can help you get more attention.

If you want to know my opinion, I will choose Facebook commenting because people are nowadays more active on social media. And if they will find the Facebook comment, they can leave the comment easily because everyone has a Facebook account.

Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are many people who are making many blog commenting mistakes that they are not aware of. There are so many ways to get comments on your blog, even I have used so many ways so that I can get a comment on my blog and more people visit the website. But if you will make those small mistakes, then no matter how many ways you adopt to increase traffic on your blog, you will not be able to get more comments. Making mistakes on the blog is easy, and that is why a person has to be careful about that.

If you want to grow online and want an active comment section on your blog, then t is important for you to be careful and think about those things. If there is a comment on your blog that you think is relevant, you should reply to that or leave a comment.

If you think that nothing will happen if you reply, then you are wrong because people left a comment to get answers. And for you, if you want to connect with the people, you also need to talk with them as it is the best way.

Do you even know that there are many top brands who often gain traction through the comments on their blog topics? Most of you people may not have the idea that blog commenting can be the best work they can do and earn money from them.

If you are commenting on someone’s blog, someone may get inspired by your comment and would like to hire you to comment on the people’s blog. It is because through the blog commenting; the blogger will be able to improve their search engine optimization so that they can get more traffic on their website.

Mistakes you need to avoid

There are so many small mistakes that people usually make while commenting in the comment section, and that is why you need to learn some of the commenting tips. Till the time your comment does not add value to your content, nobody knows about you, and that is why you need to keep these things in mind because you may have been making some mistakes. Some of the mistakes that you need to avoid are mentioned in the following points-

Never over-optimized with keyword in ‘name’ section

You may have seen some comments in the comment section where the people have not used their name and instead they have over-optimized the keyword in the name section. These things are really annoying. If you want to make sure that your comment has some value and people may like it or read then you should write that with your own name. You may have written the best comment or done something so good in the comment, but write the comment with your real name if you will not.

 On the other hand, if you will use the full name in the comment and write good things in the comment, you will get the people’s attention. That is why if you want to build links in the comment section, then you can easily do that.

Not Using the full name in comments

If you write the message in the comment box with your full name, then the writer and bloggers get excited and want to check out your message.

They make time so that they can reply to your comment. I, as a writer, always love to find the people who use their full name because then I get to know about that. But, there are so many people who do not use their full name, which is the big mistake they are making.  

For instance, if you ever want to sell someone any product or service, will you sell them without even introducing yourself? No, nobody, because if you do not introduce yourself, then nobody will talk to you.

That would be rude and the same way if you will not write your full name, and how can you expect the blogger to talk to you because you are neglecting the simple rules. It is the most effective way, as your name is the brand that tells who you are, and if you do not use your name, you are neglecting your brand. If you see my comment on anyone’s blog, then you will see my full name there.

Using an Inactive or Fake Email Address

Another common mistake that most people make in blog commenting is when they use fake or inactive email addresses in the comments. It does not matter whether the mistake is intentional or unintentional; you may have to face the consequences as it is a terrible thing. There are people who think that if they use their real email address, then they face any problem. So you have the solution for that problem also. A person can make the five email id so if you want; then you can take those and use them for the different task such as-

  • You can use one for writing the comments on the blog
  • Another one can be used for sending and receiving the blog emails
  • Then you can make one more email address that you can use to communicate with your clients.

There are many situations when you do not use your real name because of many reasons. Back in the time, a writer did not use her real name, and everyone thought that she was a male, but no. She did all this so that she can build trust with the audience.

But using a fake email address is wrong because if you are reading someone blogs and leaving a valuable comment, then the blogger would like to meet you, and they can only reach them through your email address, and if you use the fake one, then they may not be able to contact you.

Tips For Writing Qualified Blog Comments To Get Approved

Have you ever heard about the term ‘blog commenting’? It is getting popular among people nowadays; if you are writing a blog, there should be more comments that tell you that people are reading your blog. I personally believe that it is one of the best sources through which you can experience several benefits because you can know whether people like your blog or not? Or they might tell you the mistakes that you are making while writing the blog. There are many bloggers who even hire blog commenter’s who will write a comment on their blog, which will increase the popularity of their blog.

There are plenty of Blog commenting sites that offer you comments on the blog. But if you are individually looking for someone who can approve your blog comment so that you can earn some money. Then there are some things or tips that you need to consider so that you can get it approved in the first attempt. So if we talk about those tips, then you can check them out here!

Tips for qualifies blog comments

Here I have mentioned some essential tips that you can consider; these are the tips that I think can help you write qualified blog comments to get approved. Some of those tips are mentioned in the following points-

  • Keep it Short and Simple– If you are writing a comment, you should remember that you are not writing an article or blog. It means a comment should be simple and short so that people can easily understand what you want to say and understand it. If you write a long paragraph, then people like me will definitely just ignore that comment. I do not feel like reading a long comment, and there are many people like me, so it will be good if you will keep the comment simple and short.
  • Check the spelling and grammar- The next thing you can consider is always checking the spelling and grammar of the comment you have written. You are writing the comment to catch people’s attention in the right way, and you may not want people to comment about the grammatical mistakes. Once you are done with writing the comment, just check it before posting it. Do not rush; take your time and post it.

Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2024

Blog Commenting FAQ

Following are some FAQ that asked by people who are using this SEO technique.

Is Blog commenting still working?

Yes, blog commenting off page seo technique is still working and work in upcoming time to earn the quality link to rank high in SERP.

I have also noticed that this question arise on many marketing platform such as forum sites, digital marketing online classes and many more.

Moreover, You can drive the traffic on your blog by blog commenting. But need to follow the complete guideline of blog commenting submission.

Your Comment should be look like a genuine comment with problem solving skills. I still use this technique to create the quality backlink that you can check by SEO tools. Blog commenting technique will work for you if you follow the blog commenting guideline.

Hi Friends, I think, you have found some quality blog commenting sites. please share and comment on this post. I will update it on regular basis..

Can I Earn Dofollow Link From Blog Commenting Sites?

Blog commenting is still effective technique to earn the Dofollow link for your website. But, for this, You will have to follow the guideline of blog commenting such as choosing the relevant blog and using your genuine name in Name section of Comment form when you do blog commenting.

Your comment won’t be approved by the admin if you will add the anchor with link in comment section.

Does Blog Commenting Help to Boost the Google Ranking

Yes, Blog commenting is still working for creating the quality link to improve the keyword ranking and drive the more traffic on blog. I would like to suggest the blog commenting off page SEO technique if you need the natural and relevant backlink for you blog for improving the raking in SERP. You need to follow the basic guideline for doing the blog commenting and create the quality link.

Is Blog Commenting Link Permanent?

Your commenting link life depends on websites and their owners. They can remove your comment after some time if they seem that blog post taking more time to load in browser. It can be reason of deleting the link from website.

 But, if you submit your comment on high quality blogs whose owners understand the value of comment on their blog post and approve the comment and make post more natural. Most of the bloggers never remove the comment on their blog as comment works as bridge between users and bloggers .

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