Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2020

Blog commenting is a great way to connect the blog viewer and site owner or blogger to each other. You can also get the niche relevant back link through blog commenting.

Blog comment is the best off page seo techniques that are liked by SEO expert. It is an action that taken by the blog readers to ask the question to the blogger and site webmaster.

Blog Readers leave the comment for site webmaster in the form of question, and then they get proper response from the site webmaster and also get the quality link.

As blogging is one of the most favorite tasks of digital marketing experts, same as blog commenting is also very crucial task in the search engine optimization activities.

It is a true fact that people love to read blogs and articles on the web and this is the main reason for gaining huge popularity of blogging and blog commenting task. As we know that today people are passionately reading the blogs on the web, same they also like to make comment on the comment box of the blog site.

Why you should comment on relevant blog?

Blog commenting is a place where readers can give their response relevant the blog. It helps to show your interest towards the blog, blogger and blog related topic.

With the feedback of readers, blog commenting also helps to get the higher backlinks to the site or blog promotion. Hence, this task is considered as the important off page activity in the search engine optimization.

Every business website or blog always required direct connection with the viewers and blog comment is a path to bring you closer to your viewers.

Reason Behind to Keep comment section on Blog

This is the reason that when people hire a web designer to create their online presence in the form of a blog or website, so they tell designer to create a place for user’s comment on the web page, because if your web page has no space to leave comments or feedback, so the web page is looking like an incomplete page in which no place to add the comment or response, so it cannot tie you with your viewers.

To make a strong connection with the targeted audience, you should make a perfect website or blog site in which you should add a comment box in a page.

How to connect with site owner through Blog commenting

There are so many experts use this significant search engine optimization activity and create various high quality backlinks. There are so many blog commenting sites available on the web, which give you platform to add your comment and make a direct connection with the site owners or blog owners. But, how to use these sites is also very crucial question for the new users; but don’t worry about it, today we will share with you the exact way of using the blog commenting sites. It is very simple and effortless process, but users need to follow it properly.

How to use blog commenting sites in 2020

  • Find out the highest page rank do follow blog commenting sites on the search engine.
  • Select your likable subject to read the blog which should be related to your business or hobby.
  • Read the blog properly and try to know the views and feelings of the blogger.
  • After reading the blog, move your cursor to the end of the page.
  • Now, you reach to the bottom of the page where the comment box appears.
  • You can see some blocks like name, email, website and comment in the comment section.
  • Fill all blocks with details and also fill the comment which you actually realize for the blog.
  • Now, you should click on the Post button.

If you follow all these steps one by one, so definitely you will get success in the task of posting comments for blog or website. With these steps, anyone can express the views and opinions regarding the blog and become a viewer of the blog.

But, how to choose the high page rank do follow sites is also a big task for the new user. To find perfect sites, you have to analyze each site one by one and select the best sites among the other sites.

With the site selection, users need to be cautious about the blog commenting task. Now, we are going to share with you some essential tips regarding this crucial SEO task.

See Some Important Facts about Blog Commenting Sites

  • Select Most Liked and Interested Topics to Read blog

If you choose a boring and uninterested topic to read, so you cannot give any comment quickly. And, if you read your favorite topic, so you can easily give comments.

  • Fill the Correct Information

When you see some blocks in the comment section, so always fill the correct information about your name, email id and website, never fill wrong information.

  • Add Subject Relevant Comment

It is very essential to post subject relevant comment, because it shows your interest towards the blog and also show your response to the blogger.

  • Share Information

If you know something new about the topic, so you should share with the other viewers and bloggers too. It gives closer to the bloggers and viewers too.

  • Use Friendly Words

In the comment box, always talk friendly. You need not use heavy words or tough language in the comment. You should post a comment just like talking with others.

All the above points make you alert about the essential facts of blog commenting sites which you should adopt in your blog commenting task and make your task perfect.

Now, you can understand that blog commenting task is not so difficult like other tasks of search engine optimization, but you have to be cautious while working on this task.

As we know that there are many tasks in SEO, but this blog commenting is completely different and easy going task. Here, you need not write a big content like article or description; you have to read very small content, but stick to the correct and live topic which you read in the blog.

Can new guys learn the blog commenting easily?

So, if you are a new guy and wanted to learn something about the blog commenting task and blog commenting sites, so definitely you have learned enough regarding these topics.

So, whenever you want to start a blog commenting task, follow all the shown steps to use the sites and also make sure the facts which we have discussed above. This is one and only one task which can give you a huge quantity of backlinks for the blog or website. So, enhance your online presence with this easy task and add new viewers to your website or blog.

Top High DA Digital marketing & social media blog commenting sites 2019
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List of High quality Legal blog for blog commenting

List of quality blog commenting sites 2020

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Blog Commenting FAQ

Following are some FAQ that asked by people who are using this SEO technique.

Is Blog commenting still working?

Yes, blog commenting off page seo technique is still working and work in upcoming time to earn the quality link to rank high in SERP.

I have also noticed that this question arise on many marketing platform such as forum sites, digital marketing online classes and many more.

Moreover, You can drive the traffic on your blog by blog commenting. But need to follow the complete guideline of blog commenting submission.

Your Comment should be look like a genuine comment with problem solving skills. I still use this technique to create the quality backlink that you can check by SEO tools. Blog commenting technique will work for you if you follow the blog commenting guideline.

Hi Friends, I think, you have found some quality blog commenting sites. please share and comment on this post. I will update it on regular basis..


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