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Welcome SEO Pros…….. Want learn how you can find best Guest post Site? (In 2023 New Addition)

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After Google update his core algorithm since the one in only ranking factor is helps in SEO and we called Guest Posting Yes Guest posting is very and highly improve your SEO ranking.

But finding the right Guest Posting Site is hard since people start using PBN and Expire domain websites we can’t rank with PBN and spam website link.

People spent lots of time when he going to search any guest posting sites like firstly he find Matrix like domain DA and PA traffic  and other things that consider the blog is good or not.

Blogger always need a Good Content if we provide them good and quality content than he will accept and publish our content to those audience or we get some traffic from guest post + backlink.

Good Sites always looks like professional and trustable in other hand we see some PBN site where no social media link and no traffic or nothing looks important.

So in this We Teach you how you can find the best and relevant Guest posting sites for your Website but firstly we need to know benefits of guest posting.

Guest blogging is one of the best online marketing strategies you can invest in.

Benefits of Guest Blogging – 2024

See the below main benefits of Guest blogging – It will Boost Your traffic 0 To 1000 Per day

Get Quality Traffic

Build Domain and Search Engine Authority

Build Your Online Influence

It Helps Develop Your Authority

Build Your Portfolio and Credibility

Improve Your Writing

Increase Your Exposure and Brand Awareness

Build Your Subscriber Base

Know What Others Think of You

It Helps You Build Your Social Media Profile

Great advantage of guest blogging for others is that it increases your exposure while at the same time helping you build your brand.

How to Find Best and Relevant Guest Posting Sites

(1) Guest Post search queries:

Guest post search queries is one of the best technique to find the guest blogging sites.

I also use this technique for guest blogging, recommended by top blogger.

We will learn from the beginning of how to find a guest post. At the beginning we will know how find guest post using search string.

Search strings that Brian Dean recommends you try out.

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
  • Your Keyword “write for us”
  • Your Keyword “guest article”
  • Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”
  • Your Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Your Keyword “want to write for”
  • Your Keyword “submit blog post”
  • Your Keyword “contribute to our site”
  • Your Keyword “guest column”
  • Your Keyword “submit content”
  • Your Keyword “submit your content”
  • Your Keyword “submit post”
  • Your Keyword “This post was written by”
  • Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of ”
  • Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
  • Your Keyword “suggest a post”
  • Your Keyword “submit an article”
  • Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”
  • Your Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Your Keyword “submit news”
  • Your Keyword “become a guest blogger”
  • Your Keyword “guest blogger”
  • Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
  • Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”
  • Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
  • Your Keyword“guest poster wanted”
  • Your Keyword“accepting guest posts”
  • Your Keyword“writers wanted”
  • Your Keyword “articles wanted”
  • Your Keyword“become an author”
  • Your Keyword “become guest writer”
  • Your Keyword “become a contributor”
  • Your Keyword “submit guest post”
  • Your Keyword “submit an article”
  • Your Keyword“submit article”

(2) Competitor back link analysis:

I am also using this backlink analysis technique to find the guest posting sites.

Buy the subtraction of the back link analysis tool, such as majestic..

Find out your top competitor and analysis backlink, in this process you will the top blog where your competitor submitted the guest post.

You can also send request them for guest blogging and convince them to publish your guest post.

(3) Social media: Facebook search

As you know Facebook is also the great plateform to find the guest blogging sites…

Digital marketing, blogger and seo expert are connected to each other with help of facebook guest posting group and share the quality guest post sites here.

Some bloggers and SEO Expert can ask you to pay for guest posting on their blog.

(4) List of sites that accept guest posts:

You don’t need to search more for guest posting sites when other blogger have already added the list of free guest posting sites on their blog.

Some guest posting sites will also marked as newly added

One more thing..

You can also find the quality blog for guest post in comment section on this type post as other blogger also share your blog and guest post guideline in comment section.

Send guest posing pitch them and submit the guest post.

With the following strings we can find top quality guest post sites now comes the second Step –

1 – Find Niche Relevant Blog –

Before you can submit guest posts find out that the site on which you are going to submit your guest post has a similar content to your site And you are creating content for that site, than keep in mind what guest blogger like how much content and image etc.

2- Know the Quality of Guest Posting Sites –

Whenever you search for a site then definitely check the quality of the site whether or not this site is good for your guest posting.

Audience demographics you are trying to reach

engaged audience

Online authority

Organic Traffic

Good Score in Moz

Content with topics – Relevant

3- Some Sites Using Broad matrix

The best guest blogging sites share your target audience and have a large amount of traffic. When you guest post on a site with a high volume of trafficyou increase your chances of reaching a large group of ideal readers. (Source – Alexa Blog)

4- Compare Your Sites

Whether the site on which you publish your guest post, do they compare from the site whether the website can give you such as traffic backlink and etc.

5- Topic relevancy

First of all, here is the confirmation that the site which you are going to post a guest post is a Relevant or not. if not relevant don’t do post

Because posting a guest on the relevant site, Google also likes to have a great deal of relevance in ranking.

6- Make Relationship with Bloggers

If you are in SEO and digital marketing plant than you need to build a relations ship with blogger it will helps in promote our website.

Suppose you have 500 Blogger in contact than if you need a guest post than the all connection will helps you in posting because they have trust you.

All those bloggers you know will help you whenever you tell them to post something, with some offers they will definitely. This way, if you already have some blogger connection then the time it takes to fund your guest post will be saved.

7- Case Study in Short

For my client I will start Guest posting but In start I can’t find best site before some research as I mention above guide.

I will Prepare a short pitch for guest post which I mention “Amazon offer for Guest posting” the offer I have suggest to blogger and the blogger agree with my offer and he is ready for posting my Post on his Blog.

Means – Give offer to Guest Blogger like $10 or Amazon Gift card and other product or service

Emerging Article Submission Sites

Site NameDA

SEO/Digital Marketing/ Blogging blogs That accept guest post

1. ProBlogger – Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 44,964
DA: 61

2. Search Engine Journal – Write For Us
Alexa Rank: 17,734
DA: 80

3. Copyblogger – Guest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 38,088
DA: 79

4. 99TechpostWrite for us
Alexa Rank : 269,079
DA: 35

5. MarketingProfs – Write for us
Alexa Rank: 40,004
DA: 75

6. Social Media Examiner – Want to write
Alexa Rank: 9,966
DA: 81

7. ShoutMeLoud – Join Shoutmeloud
Alexa Rank: 15,765
DA: 68

8. Business 2 Community – Become a Contributor
Alexa Rank: 23,449
DA: 85

9. Mashable – Submit News
Alexa Rank: 1465
DA: 92

10. Bloggers Passion – Submit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 88,939
DA: 51

11. My Tech RankerWrite for us

Web Design & Development Blogs List That Accept Guest Posts 2023

1. Smashing Magazine – Become An Author
Alexa Rank: 9808
DA: 91

2. HongkiatWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 13,695
DA: 83

3. Colossal – Submissions
Alexa Rank: 18,603
DA: 91

4. Inhabitat – Submit Story
Alexa Rank: 22,095
DA: 90

5. SpeckyboyContribute an Article
Alexa Rank: 22,737
DA: 70

6. Web Designer DepotWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 24,216
DA: 77

7. InDesignSecretsWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 51,663
DA: 59

8. Web Design Ledger – Contribute
Alexa Rank: 69,087
DA: 69

9. Vandelay DesignWrite for usContact
Alexa Rank: 74,010
DA: 66

10. Cats Who Code – Guest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 209,602
DA: 57

Technology blogs That allow for Guest Blogging 2019

1. SitePoint – Write For Us
Alexa Rank: 2,323
DA: 85

2. Slashdot – Submit Story
Alexa Rank: 5,573
DA: 92

3. Read Write – Submit
Alexa Rank: 58,724
DA: 75

4. TechWalls – Write For Us
Alexa Rank: 59,503
DA: 57

5. Inspirationfeed – Write For Us
Alexa Rank: 62,081
DA: 68

6. PragProg – Write with us
Alexa Rank: 87,943
DA: 68

7. 99TechpostTechnology Write for us
Alexa Rank : 269,079
DA: 35

8. – Submit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 146,615
DA: 56

9. VentureBeat – Guest Post Submissions
Alexa Rank: 6,040
DA: 91

10. – Write for us
Alexa Rank: 34,493
DA: 67

11. MakingDifferent – Write for us
Alexa Rank: 193,777
DA: 60

12. TechLila – Write for us
Alexa Rank: 236,946
DA: 46

Travel Blogs to Submit Guest Posts

1. Boarding AreaBecome a Blogger
Alexa Rank: 8,565
DA: 73

2. Matador NetworkSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 16,406
DA: 75

3. Travel SupermarketWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 29,255
DA: 61

4. Global GrasshopperWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 252,709
DA: 54

5. foXnoMadGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 261,734
DA: 55

6. Heather on her travelsGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 841,753
DA: 49

7. HostelbookersWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 54,288
DA: 70

8. Go AbroadWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 26,448
DA: 66

9. The Planet DWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 80,584
DA: 65

10. eDreamsWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 9,723
DA: 57

11. GlobalGrasshopperWrite for us
Alexa Rank: 257,414
DA: 55

Business Blog that Accept Guest Post Free

  1.  Forbes

Domain Authority: 96

Read the guidelines to submit Guest Post

  1.  Fast Company

Domain Authority: 92

The guidelines to submit the guest post

  1. Freelance-Broker

Domain Authority: 20

Guideline to write for us

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