Integrating Instagram into Your Professional Web Design

In a world of professional web design, appearance holds the utmost importance. Users find it hard to engage with visually unappealing websites. So, along with website functionality, it is equally important to focus on attracting and retaining visitors. One such method is integrating Instagram into web design.

Web design experts believe that consumers find it easier to engage with the brands that have linked their Instagram pages on the company’s website. By integrating Instagram, a brand could divert visitors from the website to their Instagram account and subsequently increase their social media presence. This also helps in building brand awareness, boosting customer loyalty and converting website visitors into consumers.

Here are a few of the benefits of introducing Instagram to your website-

1.   Builds Trust among Consumers

Visitors often have reservations about a brand when they are coming to the website for the first time. Integrating Instagram on the website not only helps visitors gain verified information about the brand but also lets the visitors engage with the business. When they see Instagram content from other users about the product, known as UGC, on the website, they find the brand easy to relate with. This helps in building trust among the visitors. As they find the brand more credible, the probability of turning them into loyal customers also increases. 

2.   Brand Awareness among Younger Consumers

Presently, over 85% of Instagram users are millennials who find visual content more attractive. So, if a brand has a target audience that falls especially in the millennial age bracket, having a strong Instagram presence could help a brand reach them easily. One way to achieve this is by introducing an Instagram icon in your website layout. This will assist the website visitors to follow you on Instagram and keeps you connected with them.

3.  Increases Social Media Reach

Another advantage of adding Instagram to a website is that it helps a brand provide its consumers with industry updates and special rewards. Besides that, it also assists a brand to get a stronger foothold in business by diverting the website traffic to Instagram. This helps new users to find you at Instagram where they spend most time thereby increasing brand reach.

A very basic benefit of adding a Instagram feed on the website is comparatively higher reach of the content. A website homepage is the first marketing touchpoint to begin with before splurging money on advertising tools. Setting up an Instagram image gallery on the landing page inspires visitors to know more about the brand which eventually drives conversion.

4.   Lets You Feature Brand Campaigns

Frequent and thoughtful Instagram campaigns create engagement for a brand that keeps consumers on a hook. By integrating Instagram and featuring Hashtag campaigns on websites, brands could turn website visitors into loyal customers. Brand campaigns along with relevant Hashtags make businesses stand out and leave a lasting impression on their consumers’ minds.

5.   Boosts E-commerce

A business marketer’s first and foremost goal is to increase the number of sales. However, jumping straight on that goal backfires every time. One effective and subtle way to drive sales is to collect product reviews from Instagram followers and feature the best posts on the website. As Instagram feed is visual, the chances of grabbing visitors’ attention is relatively higher. Also, people tend to buy a product if they hear it from consumers how good that product is.By combining Instagram with website layout, you can curate those reviews in one place for a new user to see. A quicker and easier way but definitely a powerful one as it increases e-commerce sales .

Here’s how you can integrate Instagram with your company’s web design-

·      By Adding An Instagram Icon

Introducing an Instagram icon to website design is probably the most basic step one can take to create brand awareness among users. Usually, companies keep social media icons on the top or bottom left or bottom right corner. Having an Instagram icon is definitely a plus as it helps in brand promotions and allows users to participate in campaigns.

·      Using Instagram Embedding Option

One reliable way to embed Instagram in website layout is by using the embedding code offered by Instagram. However, this has to be done multiple times for every Instagram post you want to feature on the website, which is time-consuming.

·      By Activating Instagram Widgets

There are numerous Instagram widgets that can be used to enhance brand engagement. By activating widgets you help the users to go through Instagram content on your website. Popular Instagram widgets like Taggbox could easily introduce Instagram feed directly to website design.


One of the golden rules of marketing is going where the users exist. The saying holds true more so when it comes to integrating Instagram into a website. By merging Instagram and website, a brand could grow beyond the defined reach along with strengthening its social media presence at the same time. This will earn it earn both- consumer’s trust and revenue.

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