5 Essential Tips to Make a Luminous Android App for Beginners

Are you looking to create an Android Mobile App for your business? If yes, then this post is for you. If you have a brilliant mobile app idea and you are ready to transform it into a reality, you have to concentrate on lots of things.

Learning the coding is really tough yet with using Android Development, it will be difficult a lot. You should know everything about the Java language and install the whole android-based application as well as learn the unique traits of android mobile app development.

Generally, building an Android app needs the Software Development Kit or SDK, an Integrated Development Environment or popularly known as IDE like Eclipse or Android Studio, the Java Software Development Kit (JDK) as well as a virtual device for testing.

My goal with this article is to provide comprehensive information and make a complete viewpoint of building a mobile app less overwhelming. Here, I am going to discuss some basic app ideas that you can begin experimenting with. 

Let’s find out and turn yourself as a cup of coffee though, and it may take some time…

Tip -1: Download Android Studio

In order to program in several languages, then you will need some software known as Integrated Development Environment or IDE. The fundamental Integrated Development Environment for Android App Development is an Android Studio.

A Software Development Kit or IDE gives you a major UI where you can easily enter the code. It also features lots of things, provides recommendations, and helps to let you run and testing your development conveniently.

This makes the files you want; it gives you essential designs and saves your time and effort.

Moreover, Android Studio is designed for Android Development only. It means, once you have downloaded this software program, then you will also get various different bits which you want in your Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Android virtual gadget that is an emulator which you may test your application on.

Once you start the installation process, ensure that you’ve left the boxes ticked in order to confirm that you need these extra elements.

Tip – 2: Configuring the Android Studio

So, you have to install the Android Studio program, it’s one of the huge ways to become a great developer. Prior to the beginning, you must install the Java program on your computer to access the android studio.

Particularly, you should install the JDK (Java Development Kit) for the same. Java is a language that you will be using to create your applications in the instance and you must install the JDK for Android Studio. It will help you to read and accumulate your code.

Tip – 3: Beginning a New Project

When you have installed the samples, after that you can go back to the initial page which you saw while loading the Android Studio. So, here you should choose to start a new project in Android Studio.

The last section is a directory where you have to save the whole files related to your application. Now, you should choose the right device that you are going to build for and here in this context, we can start with Tablet and Phone option. Other alternatives are TV, wear & glass.

Let’s start with something more easy and reliable to start with!

Another choice that you want to make at this point is ‘Minimum SDK’. It is the smallest android version which you should support. But the question is why not enter the most-recent android version?

 Well, because comparatively few users really have the recent Android version installed on their smartphones in the meantime. You should support the cell phones that running an older version of android to reach a vast amount of audiences.

Tip – 4: Building a Real Thing

When your application opens, you will see a directory tree on your left with the whole different folders and files that create your application and an image of your Smartphone showing ‘Hello World’ in the middle.

Android Studio isn’t screening the XML code itself here but rendering of how the format will show up on the screen. It’s a visual editorial manager the same as Dreamweaver for the site composition and this makes life simpler for us.

You also have options like ‘widgets’ on to the left which can be added in your app. This is your necessary app stuff; for example, in case you need to include an OK button, you can essentially drag it on the screen and drop it anyplace you like. Feel free to dump an ‘OK’ button directly underneath the Hello World’.

Tip – 5:    Get Better At Your App Development Process

Well, this fundamental application development process shows you the very basics of programming. You have an activity and a response – pushing on a button does something. Toss in certain factors and some mathematics, like some attractive pictures and a precious ability and that is really enough to make a tremendously basic app.

In case you need unquestionably the least challenging way to start, at that point basically find out some instance code that is near what you can make and transform it.


So, in case you need a simple and easiest way to begin, then you can find a few sample code which is really close in order to what you can make it and alter it. If you want to make an app in an easy and prominent way, you can follow these tips and make your app engaging.

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