Lead your Brand Using SEO with these Effective Ways

In digital marketing, one of the most challenging things to do is generating quality leads. A report released HubSpot in 2017 showed that this is a big challenge that faces 63% of marketers by then. To counter this difficulty, HubSpot suggested that companies should distribute quality content to its audience. Publishing blogs is one of the best ways to do this. 

This tells you that this is a great way that consumers use to find companies online. However, looking at SEO itself, we can’t say that it is a lead-generating strategy, it plays a crucial part in giving organic traffic to your website. You need to optimize your SEO strategy or seek for the Best SEO Services to comply with your lead generation goals. This will significantly improve the number of clients visiting your site to discover it or to purchase stuff. That said, here are several ways you can use SEO to generate leads that may help you improve brand awareness.

Start by Understanding User Intent 

It’s crucial tointerpretthe customer’s intent when visiting your site. The user intent is essential since it helps marketers come up with better ways to craft keywords according to the intention of the visitor when searching the net. This is in connection with Google’s Hummingbird update, which has transformed to rank websites according to searches done based on the context and not just empty keywords that don’t have any relevance to the content. If you observe very carefully, you will realize that there are about five types of user intent. And these are: 

Know – Helps the visitor to understand what your company is all about  

  • Do – What the visitor is trying to execute when conducting that particular search 
  • Buy – Purchase a product or service 
  • Web – Visit a webpage or website 
  • Local – Visit a local establishment 

When you understand the visitor’s intent when searching, you will know which keywords to target so that you can help them find the right product or service. By doing this, you would have optimized your site according to the user’s needs. 

Aim for Long-Tail Keywords

It’s never a case where a user used one or two search terms to find a product or service online. People don’t do that anymore. Instead, they use long phrases to get directed to the company they are looking for quickly. 70% of online searches are done using long-tail keywords. Semantic searches are quickly becoming popular; therefore, you must target long term keywords if you want your site to be discovered first by search engines and visitors. They are also crucial if you’re going to generate more quality leads to your website. The best way to get long-tail keywords is to conduct keyword research to know which ones stand a better chance to get in the search bar. Due to their little to no search volume, they can attract highly targeted traffic that converts. 

Optimize for Mobile Users 

We all know just how powerful smartphones have become when it comes to accessing the internet on the go. This mobile gadget has enhanced the efficiency of conducting searches online, and that is why you need to ensure that your website is responsive to these mobile devices. You should also know that Google started using mobile-first websites to index websites. This also means that you stand a better chance of ranking higher when you have a responsive website. The last decade has seen the site moving away from desktops to mobile searches. This means that if you have a website with a responsive design, it is likely to generate quality traffic that translates to quality leads and conversion. 

Write a Killer Meta Description 

You may overlook content in the meta description, simply because, it doesn’t affect the ranking of your website, but before you do that you should understand that it has a significant effect on its click-through rate (CTR). This is among the things that Google and other search engines look for when they are trying to rank websites. Therefore, don’t dismiss it, yet if you want to rank better and improve on your lead, that may lead to more conversion on your website. 

SEO Your Landing Pages 

Landing pages are not only useful as a standalone page used for digital advertising campaigns, but they are also used in web optimization as well.  The majority of B2B website visits directly to the homepage and not to a landing page. I am not mentioning that homepages are not crucial to your site but they are not the best channel to generate leads through SEO Services.

Final thoughts 

SEO is the bloodline of any website, and if it is tough to get discovered if you don’t optimize your site for the search engines. It is like dropping a gold coin in the dark ad expect someone to find it. No matter how valuable your content is on the Wide World Web, if you can’t generate enough leads to an increase in the conversion rate, all your efforts are futile. 

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