The Redesign of the 2018 iPad Pro Was Just Launched: Here is what to Expect

The iPad Pro lineup was introduced to the world by Apple in October 2018. The iPad Pro supported an edge to edge display, slim bezels and it lacked the traditional Home button found in Apple tablets. The updated one was marketed as a revamped edition of the tablet, with 11 and 12.9 inch screens that followed the design of the iPhone XS. Along with this, the Pro came without biometric authentication. Thus, it introduced Face ID as a replacement. This works for landscape as well as portrait orientations founds in the device. 

This new model was very well received. It replaced the 10.5 inch Pro by offering a better and larger display in the same sized body. It was also super thin and came without the traditional headphone jack. But Apple came out with another upgrade in 2019, alongside the three latest iPhones.

Announcement for Redesign

People were speculating the release of the next version of the iPad Pro for quite a while. It was expected that Apple would make the announcement between spring and summer in 2020, however, a report was released that said the drop would be before the end of 2019. As the timeframe was debated upon, experts were sure the launch would take place in September or early October, following Apple’s previous patterns.

With adherence to the same timeframe they have kept up since 2015, Apple announced the new iPad Pro as a premium device after almost 12 months. The final design mockup was recently leaked on the internet and it has since circulated around everywhere. The actual device is set to go on sale on September 30th.

What to Expect from the new iPad?

The new iPad 2019 comes with multiple upgrades, and a few downgrades. Nonetheless, the following are some changed you will note in the tablet:

Two Additional Cameras

Apparently, tablet photography is still in style. The addition of two extra cameras means that video professionals can now use their iPads for their work instead of phones and actual cameras. The fact that the new iPad can now replace all functions of an editing computer is less surprising than it is expected. However, it does not mean that this compromise will work for most professionals since apps like After Effects and Premiere are not available on the App Store for iPad.

Smart Connector

Apple’s iPads have come with a Smart Connector since the Air models were released. The 2019 iPad in no different in this regard as it has a port on the left side, lower rear, to give adequate power and data connections to the accessories that come with the model. These include the iPencil and removable keyboard.

Larger Screen

The design of the new models were thought to stay the same. However, Apple made some considerable changes to the display sizes for the 2019 iPad. The new tablet now comes with both an 11 and 12.9 inch model, mostly for work purposes. The devices further come with True Tune tech, Pro Motion and a laminated display that has its own anti-reflective coating. Liquid Retina panel are also going to be a part of the design.

No Face ID

This is a step backwards for Apple. Face ID is the future of safe authentication and is more reliable than any other security system. Apple has thus put privacy aside for this instance and instead reintroduced the Touch ID system. People have been disappointed by this step as it does not justify itself in the new product design. 


This is the new operating system that Apple has been teasing fans about. This huge change separates the iPad from iPhones entirely regarding their software. The operating system brings some critical alterations to the user interface, such as better use of the screen and gesture controls that make the tablet experience more enhanced. The Pro models in 2019 all support the system and will have reduced dead space on their screens, as well as better app switcher for multitasking at work.

Similar Pricing

The latest iPad comes with almost the same pricing as the previous models. Most iPads start at $800 with differences in pricing according to the amount of storage. Some price bumps in recent years have suggested that the next batch with 64GB storage will match that of the 128GB now, as the storage tier is slowly disappearing.

If the pricing it intimidating, you can rent out an iPadto see whether its features are compatible with what you need and whether you should go for the long haul and make the investment.


The redesign of the 2018 iPad does come with a number of new interesting features that users will want to experience. If you are an Apple enthusiast and wish to upgrade your model, you can make this jump. Otherwise, if you already have a suitable tablet for work then there is no need to exchange it.

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