Latest on-page SEO Techniques 2021

On-page seo technique is all about optimizing the internal elements of website such as Meta tag, website speed, Mobile responsive to make your site Search engine friendly.

SEO has become the need of the hue for every business irrespective of its nature or size. Search Engine Optimisation is basically the tuning of content and the code of a website for the promotion of a website.

As they say that people should adopt new good habits with a new year, here are some of the effective techniques that you can use proficiently to attain high returns and that too with low efforts. Now this is interesting! Isn’t it? Read on to know more about how you can utilise these techniques to generate more returns

 Meta Tag Optimization

Well, in the case of SEOs, the title and also the headings play an important part. Proper attention should be made to make sure that the keywords are being targeted.

Meta tag Optimization on page seo technique

This is done because SEO optimisation won’t hold any ground in case the targets are missed. It is advised to keep the keyword closer to the beginning for better optimisation.

Even in the case of Meta descriptions, the optimisation should be done in such a manner that it induces the users to click on the link.

Gradually one can start tapping more keywords by gaining experience. people usually search on the internet using a few phrases or cluster of words, make sure you use your headings, titles, and other content wisely to show up in the search results the most.

2. Quality and fresh content —

Content has always been the king of online presence of any entity and always will be. The traffic is more or less directly proportional to the quality of your content.

You should always strive to provide unique interesting and most importantly informative content to the users. Being Regular with the posts is a good way to portray that the website is active as google won’t know that itself.

This technique will not only help in getting higher ranking but is also great aid to earn new backlinks. Using this technique facilitated getting more traffic as user experience is the driving force behind search engine these days, and no user would fancy the idea of reading content that lacks quality and most importantly fresh content.

People will come back to your profile, only if you have a relevant content. With so many options and competitions in the market, you must make sure you take the liberty to stand out of the crowd.

3. SSL Certificate

Owing to an increase in the traffic on the Internet causing more data sharing on the web, the rate of cybercrime has also climbed the ladder gradually.

The solution to this complex issue lies in the form of an SSL certificate. One must religiously make sure that this step is used as this surely affects the traffic in the longer run.

A website which is strong on the security part would surely enjoy the loyalty of the users leading to more traffic. Commonly, the hosting provider is able to facilitate on this.

Various free sources are also available to block the spam IPs from coming in contact with the server, but that again is a decision of the person who’s responsible for it.

4. Increase Site speed —

Proper attention must be paid to the loading speed of the website as more time may challenge the patience of the user.

The plugin use should be minimized to tackle the issue of slow database loading. Having a good hosting provider also facilitated the site’s loading speed.

You must do away with the extra resources to load a website as this would result in increasing the loading speed. I’d be kept in mind that not only the images but the database also affects the loading speed of a website.

5. Take reviews —

In a time when people leave bad reviews on being angry and no reviews when happy, proper attention must be paid to the customer service as bad reviews can adversely affect the traffic and even the online appearance.

Asking your contacts to put good reviews is extensively followed as it is relatively easy. You should inculcate the habit of asking the customers for review after the completion of services especially the happy ones as you have no clue that how many might surprise you by actually putting on a review.

6. Mobile Optimisation —

With majority of the population moving to smartphones, it should be made sure that the website has a mobile friendly interface to increase the customer satisfaction.

Fact that google would prioritises mobile version of page for ranking should be accepted as google is known to eliminate the old links and prefer the fresh and trending links, you should make sure that you are putting in extra efforts for the optimisation to make your website even mobile friendly.

Website being properly optimised for both mobile and systems would surely get more rankings which would definitely result in an increase in the traffic.

7. Keep Improving —

This one is surely a time and resource saving technique, so red on carefully. Drafting something from square one surely needs more efforts and resources as compared to making changes in the previous draft.

Same should be followed for the content on the website. You should keep updating the content on regular intervals instead of writing again.

Another way of using the old content can be turning it into a video, podcast or even a pdf. This in return helps facilitating the sharing of the content on different social handles.

8. Using Breadcrumbs —

This point is most helpful for the e-commerce websites. It is advised to never underestimate the importance of Breadcrumbs.

It not only creates a structure for your website but also facilitated in consolidating the strength of the category pages by linking them to the products itself or even the subcategories.

Even if you face a challenge doing it yourself, a programmer would be able to do it for you and that won’t even put burden on your pocket.

Now who doesn’t like a resource saving technique? Well, everyone does, so don’t forget to use breadcrumbs from next time.

9. Interlinking —

This is surely the most effective technique you have at your disposal and easily put to use in 2019.

You should make sure to inculcate the habit of linking your content to the other relevant pages in your website. Routine while adding new content surely helps in inducing the user to stay for a long duration and also provides them with a good experience.

It is completely your choice to even link to another website, it should just be made sure that they are relevant. This technique is surely low effort with proven high returns.

10. Go Social —

Going social has to be the most used way to get your online appearance popular. You can choose to take the aid of social media to increase the traffic on your website.

You can also do this with the help of adding share buttons to your page, primarily resting the focus on adding the most relevant platform to your site.

You may even practice the idea of give and take by sharing other people’s content if you want your content to be shared in return too.

Just make sure the content you choose to share is interesting and does not deteriorate your traffic. With an enhancement in people having a social profile, it is has become mandatory for people to use that platform as well.

11. Securing Social profiles —

This point surely has to be one of the most important points to be taken care of. It is always advisable to secure your social media profiles because the chances of losing the name and even the backlink increases of the profiles are not secured.

By having secure social media profiles, you can choose to divert your attention to the likes, pins, and most importantly the shares as they would again play an integral part in increasing the traffic on your website.

12 Map Listing —

If your website is not ranking well, the technique that comes to the rescue is getting a secure map listing. This technique will surely help to get your website a great deal of website.

Not only this, people would also be able to find your website or business more easily. You can then choose to build trust among the customers by adding pictures, product information or even team information.

The statement that “it’s easy said than done” surely hold its ground in this case too. Some of these techniques might come across as little complex but the proficient use of these techniques would surely facilitate the traffic and ultimately the ranking of the website.

Most of these techniques would also allow you to build rapport with the users too.  It is always advised to keep pace with the changing trends and technology as change is one of the important characteristics describing market and should be accepted positively to sustain in the long run. Here’s a good luck using these techniques for better returns by proper optimization.

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