How To Optimize WordPress Robots.Txt File For SEO?

If we talk about online businesses, then you are required to consider the way of website optimization. With the help of quality SEO services, you can easily optimize the website and gets a better ranking.

It does not matter, what kind of platform or website you are going to consider such as – wordpress or a static website. These specific files are playing an important role everywhere.

Mainly it is a specific kind of text file which is saved in the root directory of the wordpress setup. The files are available with some specific details or instructions. Mainly such instructions are given to the search engine bots. It tell to Google Bot that which part of the site has to crawl or not..

These instructions are becoming useful to the search engines for understanding the website. With all these things, it provides knowledge to search engines where they should visit. In the upcoming paragraphs, I’m going to share some more related details.

Way to form Robots.txt file

If you are using the wordpress, then the file gets created automatically. In the root directory, the file gets formed. In case you are going to design a static website then the location of Robots.txt files is the website’s root folder.

Sometimes 404 page or page not found error is appearing in front of the users. The biggest reason behind the error report is related to the lack of availability of the robots.txt file. Here, most of the users are worried about the website.

You should not worry or take lots of tension. In case you are facing similar issues then you should be focused on the upcoming process. 

·         Firstly, you are required to create a specific text file in an editor such as – notepad. In the test file, you need to add some basic syntax instructions. You can easily get these instructions with the help of online sources.

·         Now you should save the file by giving its name as Robots.txt on the PC.

·         After that, you need to visit the root directory of a wordpress website, and it can become possible by choosing the way of FTP client. Another way of access such directory is accessing hotspot dashboard and then access file manager.

·         In the root directory, you should upload the created robots.txt file that we created in previous steps.

By following such process, you can easily create the required files and avoid the error reports with ease.

Way to edit Robots.txt file

In case you wants to edit the Robots.txt file then you should consider the way of specific backup first. On the basis of such backup, you are able to be focused on various elements. Now I’m going to mention some methods that can help you in editing the robots.txt file in wordpress.

  • Method 1:-

You can see some specific text file editors in the PC such as – notepad. Here, you can edit the robots.txt file as you are going to edit other files. You access the file and make the desired changes first. When you successfully make the changes, then you need to save it again.

  • Method 2:-

On the internet, you can easily find some specific sources in the form of plugins. Considering such sources is providing lots of assistance in editing the robots.txt files easily. For following this particular way and make changes in files, you are required to install some specific plugins or files. According to the experts, the way of plugins cannot be considered for making small changes. I use the Yoast SEO plugin to make changes in robots file.

  • Method 3:-

In this particular mode, you are required to access the wordpress root directory. Here firstly, you need to access hosting dashboard, and it may be named as the cPanel. When you access the root directory, then there are several features that are appearing in the front.

You are required to access the file manager. Now access the robots.txt file by right-clicking on it and then choose the way of edit option. After all these things, you can easily make changes in the files without any kind of issue.

When the desired changes are getting completed, then you should not forget to save it. Here, the editing of files gets completed with ease.

Now the website’s robots.txt files can be easily edited or changed by the users. Following explanations are also based on these specific files. You can get lots of knowledge about the files and their operations.

Tips for optimizing the robots.txt file of wordpress

For the best SEO results, the website owners need to optimize the robots.txt files. As we discussed above, there are some specific instructions added to these files in the form of syntax.

In such syntax, you can find some crawler directives. Mainly the crawler directives are working by specifying the instructions and related actions. The crawlers are defining lots of details about the website and describe all information about the different parts.

Some people do not have complete knowledge about the crawler directives that are specifically used in the robots.txt.

  • Sitemap – with the help of this particular one, the designers can add the website’s sitemap URLs. 
  • Disallow – its way is considered for blocking or disallowing the index.
  • Allow – it is used or added for allowing the index and crawl.
  • User-agent – mainly the user-agent ones are added for ad bots and search engine bots.

With all these things, there are various elements associated with the website. If you are going to edit the Robots.txt files, then you need to keep some specific things in mind. I’m going to explain all these factors in the below mentioned details

Things You Should Do

·         You are required to specify the website’s sitemap URLs

·         When you are going to choose a specific folder to disallow, then you should be careful. Disallowing any kind of folder will lead to some effects in the appearance on a search engine.

·         In case you have “/out or /recommends” cloaking link folders in the root directory then you should disallow them without any kind of issue.

·         From the setup of wordpress, you should target the HTML file and disallow it.

·         If you want to restrict the unwanted plugins and crawling, then you should disallow the folders related to wp-content or plugins or folder.

Things you should not do

·         If you want to restrict crawling of lower quality content, then you should not consider the way of the robots.txt file. Here, the content is presenting the main matter of blog, article, post, images or so on. In case you want to prevent crawling of these types of stuff then there are some other methods available. You should follow the way of these.

·         When you are going to enter the instructions, then you should be focused on lots of factors. Try to avoid the addition of unnecessary colon, comma or other types of symbols.

·         Some individuals are adding unwanted space in the instructions. In case you do not need the space then you should avoid it. In case you are doing it without any kind of reason then you may face some issues.

These are some basic details about the optimization of the robots.txt file of wordpress for getting better SEO results.

Consider test

Some individuals are having doubts regarding robots.txt file and some other factors. Here the way of a specific test can be considered. The test is providing lots of benefits to the individuals. It helps the users in checking that they do editing perfectly or not.

With the help of a test, you are able to know that these specific files are blocking any kind of URL on the website or not. For such a task, you should access the Google webmasters tools dashboard of the website.

After that, you should access the crawler option and then robots.txt tester. When you click this particular feature, then a specific window appears in the front. On the screen, the complete data of a robots.txt file is appearing.

In case the file is associated with any kind of issue or error then you can also notify it here. With it, the warnings are also appearing about the content or file. In the bottom, you can see a specific option tagged as enter a specific URL.

By entering the specific URL, you are able to check out that the Robots.txt file is blocking the website’s any URL or not. For getting this particular or specific URL, you are able to consider the way of various sources.

You can easily find these sources on the internet, and some of these are – adbots-google, googlebot-mobile, googlebot-image, googlebot, googlebot-news and so on.

Final words

All these details can help you in getting lots of knowledge about the robots.txt file and numerous other related factors. Here, you can know how to create or edit the file. With it, you can get information about some essentials. In case you have any kind of doubt then experts can help you every time by providing a perfect solution.  

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