Do You Know Why WordPress Is Good Option For Your SEO Campaign?

Any blogger today knows about WordPress. It is indeed the best website hosting platform available in the market today. The templates are unique, and the whole process is user-friendly.

Using WordPress is the simplest way to create your blog or an official website for your organization. The stats show that almost 40% of the websites online are made using WordPress.

But not just for that, but WordPress is also considered as an open-source platform for content management. Did you know that WordPress is the best option for your SEO campaign? If not, then look at how it helps.

Here are some of the reasons why using WordPress will help your website content to be SEO friendly.

  • User Experience

The WordPress platform concentrates mostly on the user experience. It introduces new themes frequently so that the whole process becomes much more efficient and user friendly.

Their effort is that the customers tend to use the platform to make attractive websites for them and their organization.

Now how does it help with your SEO campaign?

WordPress gives you loads of choices to redo your site with numerous extraordinary modules and topics accessible, more than some other contender. You would now be able to be imaginative and configure astounding sites.

We know that Google always prefers websites that tend to give a brilliant user experience. Therefore using WordPress to build your website will help you in improving your SEO campaign.

  • Creative Permalinks

WordPress makes it easy for its users to create and edit their permalinks. Therefore instead of putting up the full link with numerous characters, that might confuse the users, you can use a single word and attach it to a link address. Therefore it is easy to plug your content with a URL. Consequently, it’s not just about how attractive your link looks, but it is also about helping you with your search or SEO ranking on Google or any other search engine.

In conclusion, a non-SEO reason that can likewise hurt your traffic. If your connection is perceptible, you will get fewer guests from different sources, just as online media; particularly, when you utilize revolting permalinks. Along these lines, altering the permalinks is a vastly improved methodology than leaving them with the default alternative.

  • Easily Manageable

Metadata is the heart of SEO. So what if I tell you there is a way for you to manage this metadata easily? That’s correct. WordPress makes it easier for you to control the metadata tags, increasing your website’s chances of being on top of the search list.

What is metadata?

Metadata helps the search engine understand what your website is all about, making it easier to find it whenever necessary. Adding the correct keywords to this metadata will increase the chances for your website to be discovered.

So how exactly does WordPress come into the picture?

WordPress uses Yoast SEO as a plugin. This plugin helps you in adding metadata to all of your content in a short period.

This cycle doesn’t take more than a couple of moments. At that point, you can utilize the equivalent module for each post. When you don’t add the metadata physically, a module like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO will get the required data from your contents title and introductory sentences.

  • Image Optimization

Not just the content, but for your website to be on top, it is necessary to optimize your images as well. Adding images to your posts will make them more attractive to look at and more informative to read. Adding photos will also help you section your whole content into equal sections, making it easy for the users to read and understand the content. So how does this help you in your SEO campaign?

This is how WordPress helps you with that,

  1. It has an ‘alternative text create’ option. This helps you in creating an alternative text for all of your pictures. Therefore, this allows you to put up the important keywords as the image name or description, making your content more likely to be discovered.
  2. It helps you in creating alt text for your images with minimal or no effort at all.
  3. You can even resize your images hence decreasing the time it takes for your website to load whenever it is opened.

And this makes the user experience much more efficient and therefore help you in your SEO campaign.

If you need to get the most extreme openness, you need to upgrade your pictures for SEO. You can go to the altered choices of an image and fill in the “Elective Text” box. For the best outcomes, incorporate an adaptation of your watchword. When you tweak your articles, you are two ticks from streamlining for SEO any picture on your page.

  • Fast Load Time

WordPress has a fantastic feature that always speeds up the load time of the website. We all know that when a website takes too much time to load, then users will never wait for it to download completely, and hence the number of website visits will be minimal. To avoid this, the WordPress website’s fast load time feature will help you improve the user experience and, in turn, help you in your SEO campaign.

WPOptimize is the plugin used by WordPress to increase the load time. It also comprises the pdf documents, minimizing the delay to the maximum extent if there are any.

  • Mobile User Optimization

In a world where almost everyone uses mobiles, your website must be responsive. Therefore using WordPress will increase your chances of being discovered. The website will be optimized and adjusted to your mobile screen and to the processor which your mobile uses. Not just in mobile but also other portable devices like tablets, laptops, etc.

Google needs to locate a portable adaptation of your site. This adaptation ought to be of a similar quality as your standard online variant. A low-speed place on mobiles or a low-quality plan may influence your rankings adversely.

The number of users using a mobile phone has risen 22% more in just a year and therefore imagine how it will be in the coming ten years. Consequently, it is necessary to monitor website design and content and mobile phone content and downloads.

WordPress has inbuilt plugins that power up the website to make it suitable for mobile users as well.

  • Social Media Campaign

Social media is indeed an ocean best suited for all the bloggers out there to market their content and websites. Everyone uses social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, medium, Reddit, etc. Therefore your website must be able to be a part of this social media campaign.

If you draw in a group of people via web-based media, your rankings will be better. The inverse applies too when you have a high positioning; more significant commitment is regular on your online media posts.

It isn’t about the number of devotees you have; however, how dynamic others are in your posts (likes, remarks, shares).

 WordPress helps you in creating customized social media buttons. Here you can attach your social media pages, in turn redirecting your crowd to those pages as well. This will help you increase your reach and, therefore, improve the SEO campaign you want to be a part of.

Not just that, but WordPress also helps you in customizing your campaigns on almost all the social media handles

  • SEO Specific Plugins

WordPress has many plugins that are specifically designed to improve the SEO or SEO optimization of your page.


Here are few such Plugins,

  1. Yoast SEO

Any tech or website development enthusiast download this plugin to optimize the reach of their website. Luckily, WordPress has this feature inbuilt. Therefore, no external download is necessary. It helps you to write your content around your focus keyword. Not just that, but it also helps your content to be recognized by search engine spiders,

  1. Google Site Maps

Did you know that WordPress allows you to set up your location on the website itself using google maps? Yes, it does. This plugin helps the users to open a place on their google maps directly. They make it easy for the search engine to locate your site both online and offline. As soon as you publish content, this will notify all the search engines about it.

  • Google Analytics

It is an easy and potent plugin that helps you boost your SEO campaign.

You don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard to see your Google Analytics reports.

You can contemplate which pages stand apart on your site with point by point details.

You can perceive the number of snaps your pennant advertisements, associate connections, and outbound connections get.

  • Integration With other Software

You realize that it is so natural to coordinate WordPress with Google Analytics and Yoast.

Be that as it may, they’re not by any means the only programming devices you can utilize consistently with WordPress.

Here are some others:

ConvertKit, Sucuri, G Suite

  • Different Themes

Catchphrases and metadata aren’t the solitary parts internet searcher bugs look at for significance.

Another massively significant thing they search for is an acceptable website page plan.

When you use WordPress, you never need to stress over streamlining your site plan for SEO yourself.

Pick an SEO-accommodating subject, and you’re headed to drawing in that creepy crawlies to your site!


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