Cloudways vs. SiteGround: Which Host is Better in 2021?

If you are new to the world of website hosting and operating, you must be unfamiliar with the two terms, i.e., the Cloudways and the Siteground. For the oldies, these terms must be very common.

These two are the major website hosting providers in a war in the year 2021, or we can say from ever since. Both of these platforms go sideways, and it is the buyers’ major concern that which one is the best?

So, today we are offering a solution to this problem of many website developers. We have performed in-depth research on these two platforms. So, let us get started and find out which one is the best. 

Major differences between the Cloudways and the Siteground

Taking of the feature, the main differences that you will found in both of these platforms are mentioned below:-

  • There is a completely free trial of the services that are offered by the Cloudways. You will not require to give the detail of your payment to avail this free trial, but on the other hand, the Siteground don’t have any such trial. We directly have to buy the services of the Siteground.
  • An email is a must that is to be bundled along with the website. It offers professionalism to your website for sure. Now the Cloudways lack behind the Siteground in this feature. Te Siteground is providing us access to ultimate emails along with the hosting, but on the other hand, Cloudways doesn’t offer any such service. 
  • While making a website, there are many tools required. These white label tools are required for the building of your website but are paid. The Siteground is having collaboration with these tools and provide them with their hosting plan. On the other hand, if you are using Cloudways hosting, you have to buy these tools independently. So, think twice that you are ready to invest in these tools also. 
  • When you upload the material on your website, text, image, or video, it takes up space. This space is present at the backend of your website that stores all this content. Now the 160 GB storage pr vided by the Cloudways is massive compared to only 30 GB of the Siteground. With the largest plan also the Siteground offers this much space. So, if you want to post only the text, you can try Siteground; otherwise, opt for the option of Cloudways. 

Main Features of the Cloudways hosting

if we talk about the Cloudways, then the feature we enjoy are:-

  • With all the plans of this hosting, you will get a free SSL certificate. It will help you to secure your website against any breach. 
  • There is a 24*7 of customer support you will get along with the plan of the Cloudways. They will help you in case you face any issue related to your hosting. 
  • If you want to migrate from one plan to another plan according to your visitors requirements, it is free. You can request this platform to switch to a higher or lower plan. 
  • The firewall protection is advanced, so you never have to worry about your content. 
  • There is a backup option for your data on your website. If we delete any data by mistake, then we can retrieve it from the backup storage anytime. 
  • The free trial without the card is the most attractive offer of this platform. After trial, if you want a discount on your hosting, you can apply the Cloudways promo code

Features of the Siteground Hosting

The features that we had enjoyed when we brought the Siteground hosting are:-

  • With Siteground, you will also get an SSL certificate free that will save your website and help your customer easily build up trust in you. 
  • A unique feature of daily backup is available that, too, automatically. So, whatever you will upload on this platform will be uploaded to the backup directly. You don’t have to perform the task manually. 
  • We will get unlimited free emails with the Siteground hosting. It will introduce a touch of professionalism to your business as the email you will be sending will be having a business name at the ending. 
  • Whenever the wordpress gets an update, then the platform automatically updates it for us. You don’t have to worry about updating it manually.
  • There is an option of phone chat support in the Sitground, which you can use anytime. So, whenever you face any issue, call them and get your issue resolved. 
  • To get the best pricing while buying hosting, you must use a Siteground coupon. 

The Final Statement

It isn’t easy to choose that out of both platforms, which is the best for our website. In some of the fields, the Siteground performs well, while in the other Cloudways is better. So it is our choice that in which field we can compromise and accordingly choose one of the mentioned platforms. You can go with WPX hosting if your are looking for fastest wordpress hosting. Check out the WPX hosting coupons code 2021 before purchased

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