YouTube 6-seconds Ads: How Does It Work And And How To Use Them?

YouTube released its bumper ads in 2016, which have catered their advertisers with a creative method to develop brand awareness and reach. Moreover, these bumper ads are non-skippable ads that can function within a few seconds, hence making compelling ads for this type of ads seems to look a little challenging.

Thus YouTube bumper ads are the most cost-effective and have detailed results with an accessible format. Some people might always choose to work with the written content while ignoring the rise of the video content’s visibility. 

Here, there is a perfect example of online videos that firmly increased in recent years. But it is pretty confident to overtake written content. Say, for instance, people use the video to study how to knit, workout math homework, identify all the Do it yourself solutions, discover digital marketing, and follow your favorite YouTube celebrities.

Moreover, by 2022, video traffic is required to make Americans among the ages of 18 to 34 years old than any other T.V. network. More than a billion viewers, it is tough to neglect YouTube’s place in the online video and paid advertising fields. 

On the contrary, Bumper ads are the best advertising formats. They help leverage your YouTube likesto increase the video engagement rate that dives deeper into the product’s features and benefits. 

In this article, you will understand the basics of bumper ads consisting of their cost, how much they cost, and how effective their ads aim. Moreover, this guide will be competing for an outline with the best methods, looking at a few examples; and showing you how to execute your bumper campaigns.

What are YouTube bumper ads in simple terms?

YouTube’s bumper ad is limited to six seconds, with the feature of unskippable video plays before the YouTube video. It is one of YouTube’s different types of advertising formats. As their shorter length of bumper ads meant to be the best for making the brand awareness and reach.

Some ad formats like skippable, overlay ads, and non-skippable video ads are perfect for the longer ad spots that fall deep into the product’s features and benefits. 

Here, bumper ads can work independently as individual ad campaigns, yet Google suggests running them with the perfect combination of TrueView Ads to enhance their effectiveness. Say, for example, displaying the TrueView ads to the first time audience and then continued making the same audience for the bumper ads helps increase their frequency.

In both cases, the bumper ads are established as their Google Ads campaign, previously known as Google Adwords.

How to make your first YouTube Bumper ads?

As the bumper ads work effectively on YouTube, you need to maintain a Google Ad account. Once you logged into the campaign page, and then tap the blue + button.

  • Then tap on to New Campaign, from there you can select the video campaign type,
  • Choose the brand awareness and reach the goal.
  • Then select the standard awareness such as drive reach, views, and impressions.

Methods to Customize your Bumper ad:

You can easily customize your bumper ad campaign. You can add your campaign’s name, set up the daily budget, pick the start and end dates, and eventually, for the networks where you would like to display your ads. They focus on particular languages and their demographic locations.

How to assign bids:

You need to make sure to change the maximum value of CPV to CPM. By selecting your highest value, you will choose the bumper ads as your video ad format later.

Cost-effective of Bumper Ad:

YouTube is much like Google based on its advertising types; bumper ads work within a bidding price model. In that case, anyhow, the daily budget and their maximum cost per impressions (CPM) pricing assure you to spend not more than the limit. So, every ad charged for every 1000 impressions.

The pricing for YouTube bumper ads differ based on your industry, target audience, and location. Moreover, it happens to take on targeting and competitiveness.

Advertisers charged for all 1000 impressions, and then you can make limits on how much you will pay for every 1000 impressions and how much you are planning to spend for their entire ad campaigns.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $1 and $4 for every view, where few industries or target viewers might be considerably higher.

Effectiveness of YouTube bumper ads:

A study in 2017 says that a 122 bumper ad campaign that found about 70% drives a significant rise in brand awareness and an average increase of 9%. 

Moreover, nine out of ten drives advertising recall globally, with an average raise of 30%. Here, some of the unfamiliar ad recall is the measurement of an ad’s potential. This metric looks at a list of the audience experiencing the specific ad and prompts them if they remembered the ad content. The lift in the ads meant to increase sales in response to the type of advertising.

Interesting Facts about Bumper Ads:

Advertisement Specification and their Details:

  • Video length: Six seconds
  • Device Availability: It is visible for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Delivery: Bumper ads presented before the YouTube video. YouTube can accept any file type.

Successful strategies for Bumper Ads:

Now you can easily understand what Bumper ads are and how to make them; you might be a little excited to work with the bumper ads. Here, the short phase of the ad format and their affordability help make the ideal way to pull your toes into the field of YouTube advertising or level up already existing successful campaigns.

Yes! Before getting into the YouTube bumper ad, you need to make a complete analysis and win them successfully. There are three different types of ad schemas that you need to study before launching the ad campaign.

➢       Make it straightforward:

Additionally, the main goal is to maintain your ad’s flow and visuals as simple as feasible. Using too many visuals, overwhelming text, and cut scenes make your ad distracting and hard to follow within the short span.

➢       Grabs the Audience attention:

Starting your ad with the dashing visual, celebrity talent, or funny moment can be a great chance to swiftly gather the viewer’s attention required for a short ad.

➢       Film your ads for six seconds:

Many advertisers are likely interested in cutting down their 15 or 30-second video ads that suit the six-seconds format. Anyhow, this effort need not translate, and their ads will possibly come off as disjointed or chaotic.

It’s best to start and design ads, especially for the six-second for the ad slot.

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