Why are Unikernels Important for Your Cloud Database? Check out these Top Reasons

Cloud computing and cloud databases have been a recent technology in the past years that have helped businesses boost their productivity and security. But what happens when even the cloud databases become too slow? Here is a new technology you NEED to use for your cloud database to boost processing speed, improve security measures, and increase user-friendliness and functionality!

What is the importance of using unikernels? Check out these top 3 reasons to use this for your cloud database!

First, what is the cloud database? A cloud database is basically a service that has been configured and programmed especially for users and businesses to store data through a cloud platform. Instead of using a physical device, such as a computer or other server, the cloud database uses the same functions as a traditional method to help you gather your documents and important documents from anywhere in the world.

The main features that make the cloud database, and unikernels, so important in today’s society are convenience and versatility. The cloud database has many desirable features, such as:

  • Built and accessed through a cloud platform that is available to anyone online
  • Enables users to host databases without spending money and resources on configuring new hardware
  • Managed by users or others who are a part of the server
  • Can support relational databases for extra compatibility with separate programs
  • Accessed through a web interface for ease-of-use for users

Along with the cloud database, unikernels have become popular in recent years – and for good reason! Let’s check out why.

Use instantaneously

Unikernels are known for being lightweight and fast, meaning you can use them virtually right away. Unikernel is an ultralight application that uses minimal resources, meaning they are fast and get things done quicker than other methods. They improve the agility and quickness of your cloud services.

Improved security

The second benefit of using unikernels is the improved security measures. Instead of the chance for hackers to get your data from a physical database, this cloud database method helps you store your data without a care in the world.

Since unikernels are small and agile, they have less surface area for hackers to attach their viruses to the surface area of the server. This way, you can reduce the chances of an attack on your data.

Faster Processing

In the cloud, you need your workloads to constantly be moving and dynamic with the ever-changing environment. The results let your cloud quickly adapt to the business needs, meaning that you can work with the ever-changing requirements of your business without a server slowing you down.

Since clouds can sometimes be dragged down by slow images, too much storage, and memory that can take up the majority of your phone space, unikernels help you utilize your resources the best way possible to keep an agile and fast-processing cloud environment.


Unikernels are a foolproof way to help boost your cloud security and processing speeds so you can remain protected and effective as a new business!

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