Top Reasons You Should Integrate AI into Your App

Artificial intelligence (AI) is essentially a large branch of computer science that combines science and engineering to create intelligent machines. According to IBM, AI is especially used to make intelligent computer programs and relates directly to the task of using computers to understand human intelligence.  AI has become a key part in problem-solving in a variety of spaces and has become a powerful market in its own right, with Grand View Research finding that the global AI market size was valued at 93.5 billion dollars in 2021.

With AI usage growing year over year, it brings a number of advantages to those providing custom mobile app development services. From helping to provide a better overall user experience to powering chatbots, AI brings a number of benefits to mobile applications.

Below,we take a closer lookat five advantages of using AI in mobile apps development.

Top 5 Advantages of Using AI in Mobile Apps Development

According to IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index, 41% of organizations surveyed have been working to embed AI into their current applications and processes. With a growing number of mobile applications making use of AI, understanding the advantages of using AI in mobile apps development can be key.

Improved Mobile Application Security

Security remains a massive concern for mobile application developers and clients alike. Incorporating AI into custom mobile app development services can greatly improve mobile application security. AI can help mobile apps track user behavior anomalies, security vulnerabilities, and possible cybersecurity threats.

AI also brings new ways of logging in to mobile apps, such as two-factor authentication and facial recognition. This helps to improve mobile applications’ overall authentication process and effectiveness.

Automatic Reply Features

A great user experience makes all the difference when it comes to a mobile application, especially when it comes to providing users support. But as we all know, having a support agent on the clock 24/7 is not possible for a number of businesses. So that is where AI support chatbots come in.

AI support chatbots can be incorporated into mobile app development in place of a live agent when they are not available. AI chatbots are intelligent tools that can help users with a range of things like:

  • Answering questions
  • Directing users to the right place
  • Greeting users when they sign in
  • Instant response time

AI chatbots also bring a touch of personalization into the mix when human customer support is not available. That personalization is achieved by chatbots that are good at interacting with users and offering support when needed.

Learning User Behavior Patterns

As previously mentioned, AI are intelligent machines. They are able to learn from different interactions and use what they learn to become more intuitive with each use. That ability to learn is one of the advantages of using AI in mobile app development because the AI can learn from a user’s behavior in each session.

With each session, the AI will be better able to understand how each user uses the mobile application and can better serve the user each time they use the app. Learning user behavior patterns can appear in a few different ways including:

  • Recommending and promoting relevant products to a user
  • Tracking user’s health for health-based apps
  • Providing users with auto-generated responses in communication apps
  • Keeping track of a user’s productivity levels

By learning this kind of user behavior, AI used in mobile apps can provide a better overall user experience and help center clients’ mobile applications as key tools for their users.

A Better Search Experience

By the fourth quarter of 2021, mobile devices were accounting for 63% of organic search engine visits. More and more people are turning to their mobile devices for online searches, including mobile applications. For mobile apps, AI can help greatly streamline the search experience for users.

Apps that use AI allow users to search in a variety of different ways, including through voice and image searching alongside the typical text search box. A great example of a well-known mobile app that uses AI is the Google App. AI helps users in the Google App to search in a range of different languages, by using their camera, and even by just humming part of a song that they heard.

AI-based apps provide users with a lot of freedom when it comes to their search experience, creating a user-friendly experience that keeps users coming back.

More Personalization

Lastly, AI being used in mobile application development can bring about more personalization to users. There are an ever-growing number of mobile apps out there, which means that the more personalized an app can be, the more you stand out.

Going hand in hand with creating a better user experience and learning user behavior patterns, AI takes all of the information it learns. It uses the learned information to deliver a personalized experience to each individual user. The more personalized the experience, the more positive impression a mobile application can leave behind.

For developers who provide custom mobile app development services, keep the above advantages in mind about using AI in your development process. AI integration can help make your apps stand out and deliver a strong experience to users.

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