The Best SEO Tools To Position Your Websites

If you have ever worked with SEO tools, surely you know the advantages they offer you to enhance online visibility and positioning of your content or digital projects in general. In other words, to make people see your site.

The difference between taking advantage of some of these professional platforms or not, in most cases, will be able to make the difference between spending long months without results or seeing your projects on the Internet grow in a stable and continuous way.

Due to this factor, different paid and free SEO tools are analyzed.

The Best Paid Professional SEO Tools

Let’s start first by reviewing the best-paid SEO tools. Although there are many free, those that require a subscription are usually the most powerful and complete.

1. SEMrush

We start the list with a platform that can never be missing in the daily life of any consultant. SEMrush offers its users a catalog of exceptional functionalities, which not only allows you to perform Keyword analysis, its main and most developed function but also offers you the possibility of carrying out a very complete analysis of the competition.

If what you want is to find the right keywords to focus your content, for your campaigns or for your entire Blog, this is one of the best options. It has a huge keyword bank that exceeds 14 million terms, distributed in more than 140 countries, offering its millions of users impeccable precision when it comes to segmenting their keywords.

In addition, it has a fairly complete panel that allows you to analyze each keyword down to the smallest detail.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another of the best SEO tools that you can use currently on the market, similar to SEMrush, this tool has a great variety of functionalities that make it a great help to promote your different projects. If I had to highlight two of his strengths, these would undoubtedly be his ability to manage and analyze backlinks and the ability to study the competition in depth. And it is that, among all its functions, Ahrefs is widely known for being one of the most powerful when it comes to tracking and managing the different backlinks that point to your pages, as well as analyzing the “health” of each, being able to avoid potential risks to your websites.

On the other hand, it also offers you various functions that help you study your competition, discover the reasons behind the high position of your direct competitors, and develop new strategies to overcome them.

It offers you some tips so that you can improve your positioning optimally and thus be able to overcome your competitors in the shortest possible time.

3. Screaming Frog

SEO On-Page is a determining factor for the correct positioning of a website and knowing how to optimize it can become crucial for your project to have the desired success. However, in order to work and optimize it, it is necessary to know the current status of your site, and to achieve this, one of the SEO tools that you can use and that I personally recommend is this. Screaming Frog is a “crawler”, which enters your URL and extracts in real-time all the information related to your SEO On-Page, allowing you to obtain important data such as possible redirection errors, failures in meta titles and meta descriptions, your Sitemap, the structure of your links, among many other things.

Best of all, this tool is capable of analyzing your entire domain in depth, regardless of whether it is a small Blog or a huge online store.

It informs you in real-time of the current situation of the site so that you can detect any inconvenience that may be affecting the performance of your project.

4. Serpstat

Detailed analysis of what keywords you are positioning in Google or other search engines, the exact positions and amount of estimated traffic reaches you, as well as the number of links that point to your website and what type they are. These are just some of the features you can have when you hire SERPstat.

5. SE Ranking

Another of the most popular SEO tools that you can find on the Internet is undoubtedly SE Ranking, a powerful “all in one” tool that offers you multiple functionalities to optimize your projects and position yourself above your competitors. Although it offers multiple functions, it stands out mainly for the possibility of monitoring the positioning of each of the keywords you have in it. It offers you the possibility to do a complete audit, and even the ability to compare your site with that of your direct competition. In addition, it also has other SEO tools such as the keyword grouper, which allows you to efficiently distribute the keywords you want to use on your website, as well as discover new terms to use.

Another excellent advantage is that it helps you plan your PPC campaigns efficiently, based on both your website and that of your competition. You can find this tool in Spanish and with an easy to use and master interface.

6. On Crawl

In this case, we have On Crawl, a very complete platform that analyzes in detail all the aspects that intervene in the SEO of your website. In addition, it gives you information about the indexing of your URLs and detects possible failures or improvements that you can implement throughout your domain.

7. Moz

We cannot talk about SEO tools without mentioning Moz, a platform that combines everything necessary for proper SEO optimization. Not only is it one of the most recognized in this entire sector and within Digital Marketing, but it also supports it, since it allows you to carry out very detailed audits and crucial information that you can use to upload positions in SERP’s.

Backlink analysis, positioning tracking, keyword research, deep site analysis, Off-page optimization, On-Page optimization, everything you need to know, Moz will show you in personalized reports for each project. A true wonder of the SEO world. I invite you to take advantage of its free trial period of about 30 days. Not only will it help you get familiar with the platform, but you will be able to explore first hand all the features and functionalities that it has for you.

Free solutions

Now that I have already mentioned the best payment platforms, let’s take a look at some free ones that will come in handy, either because you cannot or do not feel like investing in this type of professional material.

1. Google Ads keyword planner

We could not forget the tool that, in theory, gives you the most “reliable” and accurate search volumes, as it is the tool itself owned by Google. Its main task is to serve users and agencies that launch Google Ads campaigns with useful information about which keywords to use and quantify the number of monthly searches that each one has, in addition to the competition, CPC, and other important data from each of them. In its free version, it offers you imprecise intervals in terms of its volumes (Ex: 100 – 1,000 searches/month), but the investment in it to obtain the detailed information you need can start from 1$, so for that small investment You could already say that you have the “complete” version of the Google Keyword Planner.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is, along with the “Keyword Planner”, which we discussed earlier, the two Google SEO tools par excellence, with the difference that this is 100% free. All webmasters and web page administrators in general can access it quickly and easily. What’s more, in my view, it is an imperative that if you have a blog or manage the analytics of any type of business on the Internet, you know how to handle it with some ease, in order to know how to interpret the results that the search engine provides you. You can keep a complete track of the main aspects of your domain, as well as have an immediate warning in case something is wrong or someone is trying to break into it. Search Console allows you to play with various functions that are really essential,

It also helps you analyze your traffic, where it comes from, and through which keywords.

3. Google Trends

As you can already imagine, if a digital application or platform is owned by Google, it is almost always synonymous with assured quality, so the case of Google Trends is no exception.

And it is that, although with this SEO tool you cannot know for sure the search volumes, it does offer you a super interesting metric: what search trend the term you enter follows and in which areas of the country/world you are most interested in. In this way, you will be able to find interesting niches, if you want to start a blog, for example, but you still don’t have a very clear theme and still want to reach a large number of people.

It would not make sense that, even if you are very specialized in a subject, you start to write about something that is so “micro-niche” that practically nobody in the population of your language is interested.

4. Seo quake

It is one of the most veteran free tools out there, it works as a browser extension and has a lot of good functions. With this extension for Chrome or Firefox, the property of SEMrush, you can examine a URL in-depth, just by clicking on the icon installed in your navigation bar.

5. Answer the public

Do you need keywords or longtails derived from your main keyword? Answer The Public may be the solution you need. This will help you get long-tail keywords to adapt your content to the queries that users pose to the search engine. In other words, using Answer the Public is like you could get a massive amount of information out of Google’s “auto-complete”. From it, the number of subtopics you can get for the same article is very interesting, starting from a generic theme, which would be your H1 or meta title.


Surely you will have noticed that many of the best platforms on the market are something like a set of tools, which makes most of them share similar functions, such as keyword search, analysis of competition, or even SEO On-Page audit.

This is because to be considered as “the best SEO tools” they need to provide the most complete service possible, and nowadays to achieve good organic optimization there are many factors that must be considered.

It is no longer just correctly managing both internal and external links and choosing the right keywords, it is much more.

Because of this, the tools increasingly include more features, to provide their users with all the necessary functions to get an in-depth study of the deficiencies that a certain project may have and thus be able to work on failures and improve the positioning in the SERP’s.

As a result, many of these end up sharing functions with each other, so there is no other option but to investigate and experiment until you get the one that you consider appropriate for you.

Now that you know which are the most powerful and effective platforms, keep in mind that you will never find a perfect tool, since they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and in some cases, I have mentioned them to you. For this reason, there are those who decide to combine different alternatives, in order to cover the weaknesses that they may have.

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