Role of Apps in Healthcare and Medical Industry

Mobile Technology has a high impact on the Healthcare & Medical Industry. Earlier,  a big corridor for waiting, eagerness to go into the doctor’s room, dim faces of ill patients, etc are the things that one might have seen when going to a hospital. It was a tedious task and patients were wasting a lot of their time in it.

But now, the picture has been relatively transformed and it has become possible with the introduction of mobile apps in the Healthcare Industry. In other words, healthcare apps have been the first mover for elevating and shifting the situation of Healthcare and the medical industry.

Currently, there are personalized mobile apps that serve users of different age groups. These apps can resolve various issues in the healthcare sector. Moreover, movability, low-cost, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare and medical applications are some reasons why they have become well-known around different age groups.

Before we move ahead and provide you with some essential reasons that have changed the Healthcare and medical industry, let’s have a look at some of the vital statistics. As per statista, the mHealth industry is estimated to make a revenue of $58.8 billion in 2020.

Apart from this, one of the research done by Accenture Consultation indicated that the total number of downloads of healthcare apps have become 2X in the last few years. These facts and figures prove how the healthcare industry can benefit from mobile apps.

Here, we will provide some of the essential benefits of apps in the Healthcare & Medical Industry.

Role of Apps in Healthcare and Medical Industry

1.   Blessing for Doctors & Medical Staff

The introduction of mobile apps in the healthcare industry has become a blessing not only for doctors but also for nurses and other staff members in a hospital. It is really quick for doctors to get patients’ details and it is updated regularly.

Based on one report, 93% of doctor’s think that healthcare apps have improvised patient’s health. However, 80% of doctors utilize mobile technology to pass on their services to patients.

Moreover, various doctors have started giving online prescriptions. These prescriptions can be retrieved on a smartphone and doctors have the right to modify it anytime. Hence, medical experts can check the patient’s reports instantly in case of emergency situations. This indicates how a piece of information can be transferred within a flick of a second.

2.   Beneficial in Remote Areas

In this age of smartphones & the internet, people living in any corner of the globe have the option to get better healthcare services in the comfort of their homes. In various remote areas, people have access to mobile phones, but they don’t have suitable hospital facilities.

Here, an on-demand doctor app can be beneficial to the patient, as he/she can book appointments online with the doctor and purchase medicine without visiting the hospital.

Moreover, healthcare mobile apps can provide constant healthcare suggestions to patients.

3.   Decreases risk of faulty diagnosis

A small issue in the diagnostic process can cause some cautious health problems to the patient. However, healthcare apps consist of advanced diagnostic abilities that will decrease any chances of errors and doctors will be able to provide precise medicine with the correct dosage. Moreover, mobile apps can save patient’s info on the cloud.

On the other hand, medical staff can store patient’s details more accurately and fill essential data without any kind of errors.

4.   Advantages patients receive from Healthcare Apps

Mobile apps that are developed by combining some of the best healthcare app ideas will be able to provide a lot of benefits to the patients. For instance, patients will be able to different things from such healthcare apps like scheduling an appointment with the doctor, discover the expert in a particular field and buy medicines online, check medical test reports from labs online, and many more.

Apart from this, patients can also take video consultation from the doctor and talk regarding their health problems at a very affordable price. Also, they can reach out to dietitians and nutritionists online and keep a balanced diet.

5.   Combining IOT with Healthcare Apps

IoT is referred to as the interconnectivity of different electronic devices, applications, etc. to make sure there is secure access & handling on different platforms. As per, the IoT healthcare market is getting a lot of traction and will amount to $136.8 billion by 2021.

IoT will simplify the whole medical process. IoT will improve the work of medical experts. They will be able to receive constant updates about the patient’s health as all the medical equipment will be connected to the patient’s body.

Moreover, when IoT is combined with Healthcare, the medical staff gets a chance to verify the stock of goods systematically and quickly. 

6.   Ease of Paying Bills

Previously, it was really tough to pay their medical expenses as they had to stand in the queue. With the launch of medical apps that consists of a safe payment gateway, you can transfer your money instantly.

Moreover, you get an option to plan your bill payment date and pay as per it. If you don’t remember to do the payment, then the app will remind you via notification.

Moreover, there are a vast number of payment options available on these apps, such as debit/credit card, mobile banking sites, PayPal, etc.

7.   Tracking Health Condition

Fitness trackers and various other healthcare wearables have a significant impact on overall human life. The healthcare apps allow a user to track health regularly. These apps allow users to stay fit & active in their everyday life.

Due to these fitness bands and wearables, people have started becoming more serious about their health. Things that can be monitored using these devices include blood pressure, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc.


The above points clearly indicate how healthcare apps have transformed the lives of human beings. Various complicated things can be executed with ease due to healthcare apps.

If you also belong to the healthcare apps and want to develop a healthcare app, then you can check out some innovative ideas in medical field. Considering these ideas, you can build a reliable and feature-rich healthcare application that can improve the life of patients, medical experts, hospital staff, etc. Lastly, healthcare apps will decrease the overall cost of treatment and improve brand’s value.

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