Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting: Which Is The Best WP Hosting Provider

Today, we are going to discuss the main difference between two great hostings like WPX & Cloudways hosting. These are two companies that are great in industries.

In case you are new in the world of blogging, then you should search for an affordable and powerful web hosting platform that will improve the overall efficiency and speed of the website.

WPX and Cloudways are both the most popular hosting platform. All you need to invest sufficient time in the relevant comparison and choose the best one.

I would say WPX & Cloudways both are strong web hosting service providers. Cloudways is one of the great hosting providers.

However, Cloudways is the most trustworthy & certified platform. If you want to make a final choice, then you will have to invest a lot of time in comparing important features of Cloudways & WPX hosting. A person should weigh the advantages & disadvantages to make the right decision.

Make sure that you are making an informed decision. If you are a beginner, then Cloudways would be an ideal option for you.

 Make sure that you are choosing the hosting service according to your requirements. The following are important things that will help you in selecting the right service provider.

WPX Hosting

When it comes to an affordable hosting service provider, then WPX hosting is the first name that comes in our mind. When you are investing money in starting a business plan, then it will give 5 websites for $24.99 monthly. They are featuring elite & professional options. You don’t have to be surprised at affordable rates. If you are investing money in WPX hosting, then you will get the following things-

  • Hosting features

In case any person is interested in the managed wordpress hosting services, then you should pay attention to loading times & speed of the website. Make sure that you are choosing a reliable managed wordpress hosting that is offering a lot of things. Performance is the main reason for choosing WPX hosting. 

We have installed the great selling multi-purpose Avada WordPress theme. After that, we have tested the performance of the WPX hosting. It is taking almost 3.60 seconds to open the website.

I would say it is the best hosting service that will improve the efficiency and productivity of the website.

  • Regular backups of a website

A person should invest money in the WPX hosting service that will backup your website on a regular basis. To improve the protection, then backup files are automatically stored on the separate server & kept for almost 14 days.

  • Migration of WordPress website for Free

If you want to move your website to a quicker web hosting, then you should consider WPX hosting. They are offering free website migration service. Lots of plugins & tools are available that will help you in migrating the WordPress Website.

Moreover, WPX hosting is offering these things to users. All you need to invest money in right WPX hosting plan that will improve the productivity & efficiency of the website.

We are suggesting to the owners of websites to make an informed decision after determining the features of the website. You should check out the WPX hosting coupons code if you have decide to host your blog on WPX hosting.


Are you searching for affordable wordpress Hosting provider? Cloudways is the best option for those who are searching for the right web hosting.

It is an antique company that is offering a proper balance among perfect functionality & affordability.

I would say you should check the overall features of the Cloudways. With the help of Cloudways, a person will able to get a proper idea regarding the services they are providing. Let’s discuss important details about Cloudways.

  • Managed WordPress hosting

Cloudways is an antique platform which is featuring high-end cloud-hosting service for wordpress website on the cloud server.

This hosting platform is much better than traditional hosting. A lot of people are using cloud hosting, where websites are stored on lots of servers. It is quite quicker than traditional hosting. It will able to detect the location of customers & transmit content from the server.

  • Monitoring

Nothing is better than server monitoring, that is one of the most interesting features.  This platform is offering the best cloud hosting solutions.  They are displaying a particular graph that will enable you to supervise load on the cloud server. 

  • Security

I would say Cloudways is one of the best hosting platforms, which is completely safe and secure. Security features will automatically keep a log of the white list, IP addresses that you will able to gain access to the server.

  • Regular backups

Nothing is better than Cloudways that will enable you to set up the automatic backups of the cloud server pictures.

A person will set up a server to backup to automatic mode. You will able to back up the server anytime & anywhere.

We are suggesting that you should use that is offering proper security and safety to the users.

  • No downtime issue

If you are using a bigger website that is incorporated with a lot of traffic, then you should opt for Cloudways. This platform will able to handle the traffic that coming in at once.

You will able to adjust the allocated servers at any time within a fraction of clicks. It has become an exceptional great feature which is providing a lot of benefits to the owners of the website.

  • Important settings & other important tools

Cloudways is a top-notch platform which is providing lots of tools to the users. All you need to tap on the Manage service option where you will able to configure important services like cache memory, Apache & MySQL. Cloudways is the best platform that is featuring the wordpress migratory tool that will enable a person to move the wordpress website to a cloud hosting platform with ease.

If you have checked out above all features of the Cloudways then you can check out the Cloudways coupon to get maximum discount on Cloudways hosting.

My Recommendation

Lastly, web hosting is one of the most important factors of the website. You don’t have to ignore such an important aspect when you are creating a website.

A lot of website owners are facing so many difficulties while selecting perfect web hosting.

If you want to choose the right hosting provider, then I would like to recommend reading the above-mentioned paragraphs carefully.

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