Boosting Your Website’s SEO: Three Simple Marketing Tips

When we talk about marketing online, much of our discussions are going to be around things like SEO. If you’re not familiar with SEO, this is the perfect introduction for you and your business to the world of online marketing. If you do have a knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) then you’ll find the three tips below instructive as to how you can change your website in order to boost your traffic, and convert that traffic effectively into click-throughs and sales, thus boosting your revenues in the long-term.


One way to boost your SEO is through content. The content that you upload to your website, and especially the text, is read instantly by Google’s algorithms in an attempt to understand what your website offers, and why Google should present it to web users who have typed in words that match with words on your website.

The key tip here, therefore, is to stuff your website full of the keywords that you think are most valid and representative of your website and your business. For instance, if you’re able to include, on your web pages, mentions of your products, and what they’re useful for, those who are searching for those products online may be matched with your site. The smarter you go about this process, the higher Google will rank you in their search page results.


There’s another side to SEO which is more difficult for you to adjust to and optimize for, and that’s in the backend. The backend of a website is the code that supports the content on the pages that you’re presenting to the public on the front-end. In this case, that’s going to be something that’s quite inaccessible to everyone expect a web designer or coder.

As such, you’re going to want to get some professionals involved who are well aware of the hoops your website needs to jump through in order to boost its performance in Google’s web page analysis. Get in touch today with ALTagency in order to learn about their SEO services, and how they’ll be able to make changes to your website to drive higher traffic.

Social Media

Finally, if you’re a company that’s looking to add youth to your customer base, and that’s hoping, too, to look current and modern, you should build yourself some social media pages. You should be looking particularly to Facebook for conversations, Instagram for pictures, and Twitter for comments. TikTok is also a challenger in this space, and is worth engaging with early in order to reap the benefits of amassing an audience on this growing app.

With social media one of the liveliest places on the internet, this is an important place to plant your business’ flag in order to give consumers an extra place to ramp-on to your website. From here, you can link to your products pages, your discount codes, and other site content, sharing your business with more consumers on the world wide web.

Use these three key tips to help build more of a following for your business online through simple SEO boosting.

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