5 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders Plugin for WordPress

Building a quality website is a challenging task, even if you are an experienced developer. A lot of platforms are out there, which can make the process simpler, and WordPress is one of them.

While developing your website on this platform, you should get help from WordPress page builders. Well, these are the types of tools that provide you with pre-built elements.

You can arrange them in any way you want and insert them into your pages to instantly see the effects.

Before getting started, you should learn about what page builders do and why you need to use the one.

As per experts, WordPress is a wider term that also includes the tools that help you build a website from scratch. The page builders provide a lot of advanced features and pre-built components that can be customized with ease.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use the page builders to create websites. When you make use of page builders, it is possible to build custom pages without a background.

By using a few clicks, you can customize complex elements as well as features. When you make edits to your website, you can preview how your site will look when it goes live.

When it comes to WordPress, the design of your website depends on your theme. The premium themes provide tons of customization features, but they are not easy to use for beginners. And that’s why they can’t get their best possible advantages.

No doubt, WordPress builders allow you to create, edit as well as customize the layout of your website without knowing anything about coding and extra Plugins.

 We recommend users to use one of the top best page builder plugins for WordPress to build a quality website without hassles.

Many page builder plugins are out there, but all of them are not created equal. And that’s why you should choose the one smartly to build a quality website in no time. By choosing the right drag and drop WordPress plugin, you can easily build beautiful custom layouts and landing pages on your website.

It also allows you to add any type of content to the page by using blocks, modules, and widgets. In order to know about the most popular Drag and Drop page builder for WordPress, you should read further paragraphs.

let’s take a look at the top page builder Pluigns

1. Beaver builder

Most people are using Beaver Builder to develop a quality website as it is one of the most popular drag and drop page builder plugin.

We always give preference to this premium page builder as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

 It is easy to be familiar with its live drag and drop interface. When you make use of it, you can see a preview of the changes that you are making to your website.

With the help of using the modules, you can add almost everything to your website, including sliders, carousels, content blocks, buttons, and more.

Well, this page builder also offers 30 finely designed templates for landing pages. By making use of these templates, you can make it easy to create the best website layouts.

As per your review, this page builder works better than other builders out there, so you should try it out.

2. Elementor

When we talk about the most popular drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins, then it is hard to ignore the name of the Elementor.

 With the help of using this page builder, you can see your changes live. Our blog(www.digitechnopost.com) is also designed by elementor. It is super simple page builder. You can style the each element of the site with it.

It helps you to get an idea about how your website will look alike in the future. First of all, you should start by creating some sections and choose the number of columns for each section.

After this, you can drag and drop widgets from the panel to the section. Tons of widgets are offered by elementor so you can easily pick the one as per your desire.

You can also add the widgets created by other plugins while using the elementor. Know all the features and functions offered by this premium page builder plugin to make the right use of it. When you begin to use this builder, you can find a lot of ready to use templates that can be inserted into your pages.

3. Themify builder

Themify builder is highly intuitive and comes with a lot of ready to use modules. You can add them to your pages or posts with ease.

When we talk about this plugin, it offers more than 40+ pre-designed layouts for different business types.

If you are operating a business and want to create a quality website, we suggest using themify builder plugin.

 Check all the layouts that have been offered by this page builder and then import your favorite with one click. After choosing the layout, you can change its content and create a landing page within a few minutes.

When you make use of this page builder, you can edit your pages from the admin area as well as from your live site.

With the help of live editing, you can see exactly how your changes will appear on the website. Pay attention to the tons of layouts offered by themify builder and then choose the one in order to apply it to your page.

4. Visual Composer Website Builder

The popularity of Visual composer website builder is gaining huge popularity these days due to numerous reasons.  By using this builder, you can easily create custom website layouts.

This drag and drop builder has a lot of professional templates and powerful features to explore. Make the right use of these features in order to make a professional website.

When you use this page builder, it provides real front end editing experience. We always recommend users to use Visual composer website builder after knowing its features and functions.

This page builder allows you to edit your logo, menus, footers, headers as well as sidebars. This page builder is also known as a website builder, and you need to keep this thing in mind.

When you use this plugin, you can get access to its different design options. By making use of these options, you can customize any element on your page with ease.

5. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Many drag and drop page builders are out there to choose from, but all of them are not free to use. Site origin’s page builder is popular as well as free that you can use to customize your website.

 The free availability of this page builder is making it more popular. It is also considered as a fully functional free plugin that can be used in an easy manner.

Several widgets are offered by this page builder plugin that you can download and install.

We are suggesting you make the best possible use of the features and functions provided by SiteOrigin’s page builder.

While using this page builder, you can edit the landing pages of your website. After editing your website, you can also revert and undo changes.

It is a freemium page builder plugin that you can use for creating a quality website in no time. Using this page builder plugin for WordPress can help you to create a professional website.

How to Choose Best Page Builder Plugin

Due to the availability of different WordPress page builders, it is hard to find the best option as per your preferences. Instead of making your choices in a hurry, we suggest you make your decision carefully.

Pay proper attention to some essential factors in order to make the right choice in no time. To know all about these factors, you should read the points listed below-

  • Features

While choosing a page builder plugin, you should make comparisons on the basis of features and other aspects. By comparing the features provided by page builder plugins, you can easily make your final call in no time.

Always look for a page builder plugin that comes with a lot of advanced features and functions.

  • Compatibility

When you look for a page builder plugin, you must pay attention to its compatibility features. First of all, you need to know whether the builder is compatible with your WordPress theme or not.

Most of the above-mentioned page builders are compatible with all themes. Along with the compatibility features, you should also take some other crucial things into consideration.

  • Responsiveness

All page builder plugins are not the same, and that’s why you should pick the one that suits your website requirements.

Always try to choose the page builder that allows you to create responsive and mobile-friendly layouts. In this post, we have provided the page builder plugins that let you create mobile-friendly layouts.

With the help of considering all these factors, you can find the top best page builder plugin for WordPress in no time.

Pay equal attention to all the above-mentioned factors to ease up your selection process.

The selection of the top best page builder also helps you to create a quality website quickly and without struggling with coding. 

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