5 Apps to Help you Make Money

Apps you can use to make money may sound too good to be true on paper, but these apps exist. And they do pay whatever you’re owed. Thanks to advancements in technology, new ways to make money have sprung up. From completing a small task, to doing surveys to testing websites and apps, there’s something for everyone. While you can’t look at these apps as a means to get rich in a short time, they may be dependable options to supplement your income. At the very least, you should be able to make enough to cover some minor expenses.


Let’s get one thing out of the way: real-money games are legit. In the case of PlaytestCloud, however, you get paid to test games that haven’t been released yet and sharing your opinion. Once you sign up to their website, you’ll be notified via email if there’s a testing opportunity available. Don’t get confused by the login button on PlaytestCloud’s website; it’s for clients aka the people whose games you’ll be testing. There’s no dashboard for testers and email is the only method used to notify. You’ll also be required to sign an NDA before you begin work. You can expect to make $9 for a test that typically takes 15 minutes. You can withdraw money via PayPal.

Field Agent

You can use the Field Agent app, available for both Android and iOS, to make money by

performing tasks such as mystery shopping, taking pictures of menus and food and checking local prices. When you’re signing up, you’ll be asked questions about your education, age and gender, and how many children you have. How you answer allows Field Agent to push the right tasks to you. So, how much can you make? According to Field Agent, jobs typically pay $3 to $20. The company says it has so far paid $20 million in payments. This app is best suited for people living in urban areas. You can cashout via PayPal once you have $5 in your account, at which point a $0.75 withdrawal fee will come into effect.


Survey sites and having a moment and more and more people take them up in their free time to make some extra cash. MoneyMachine is one just app, and the best thing is that it doesn’t bombard you with adverts. The app is also available in German, in addition to English. Each survey you return successfully will give you points, which can be redeemed for vouchers or cash via bank transfer. Once you complete a survey, MoneyMachine begins to check the quality of your answer and comes back to you with a confirmation in 24 hours. However, a few reviews on Google Play have said the company took more than five days to get back.


Userfeel pays you to give opinions on one of its clients’ apps or websites. As a usability tester, your goal is to evaluate the website’s performance and identify any areas of improvement. Before you can begin, you’ll have to download a program on your PC or an app on your phone, depending on what you’re testing. Before you can begin to test websites or apps, Userfeel will send you a test of its own to see if you’re qualified to become a tester. One thing to note is that you’ll need a working microphone because you’ll be required to record audio, and this is something that goes beyond the initial evaluation phase and well into when you become an actual tester. Money wise, Userfeel pays $10 for each verified test, which can be withdrawn through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


This one doesn’t involve making money but looking to grow what you already have in the bank. Stocks are generally considered the go-to method to generate wealth over a long investment horizon. However, investing in real estate offers stable and potentially even higher returns. Fundrise is looking to bring real estate investing to individual investors. Called the Starter Portfolio, you can begin your real estate investment journey with as little as $500, which will be spread over multiple properties. If you have a spare $10,000, that money can be allocated to more than 80 companies. For its services, Fundrise charges a 0.85% management fee and a 0.15% servicing fee.

Jasir Jawaid is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.

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