Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Your Business Growth?

Why everyone is embracing WordPress this much in this web world?  What factors have made it the best CMS?  From small to large enterprises, bloggers to businesses have chosen WordPress for building Websites.

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WordPress only empowers  32 %   of the internet with 75 million websites on the web.  It shares 60.2% of the global content management market.136.2 million new blogs and 77.7 million new comments appear every month on WordPress.com. Its popularity is 10 times more than that of Joomla and 8.9 times more than that of Drupal. WordPress 5.0 (new version) is downloaded 19,074,521 times. When there is a matter of business growth, WordPress is a gold standard for successful enterprises.

With its flexible framework and regular updation, you can broaden your online presence. One can easily build a website with WordPress or can hire renowned WordPress expert to develop a website according to your requirements.

WordPress has an abundance of reasons that make it the best CMS for business growth, in this article, we have mentioned top reasons to chose it for web development.

Let’s have a look at the prominent reasons behind WordPress eminent growth

Easy content management

WordPress provides a variety of great features and functionalities that can save effort and time. It gives you the privilege to change the text with different colors and styles. The tasks such as scheduling post-publication, creating galleries and uploading multimedia content can be executed easily. The one with zero programming skills can also comprehend the CMS properly without any inconvenience.

Large WordPress Community

From a third of pages on the internet, WordPress has become the largest website builder. With the dedicated tutorials and forums on the internet, understanding, installing and using CMS has become easier. This large community includes developers who know new themes and tools regularly. For optimizing your WordPress developer, you can hire WordPress developers to improve the user experience.


WordPress is known for its safe and secure features and functionalities. You can trust this platform to build your dream website. WordPress has a committed team of developers who are authorized to protect the website from several malicious attacks, viruses, and hacking. The WordPress development company takes safety and security as an important parameter to preserve the website from data breaches.

Open Source CMS

WordPress is an open-source platform, that is you are free to use it. You do not need to pay any cost (monthly support cost, license fee or any upfront cost) to download and install it.  You can run your WordPress blog at WorPress.com at zero cost. It offers amazing free WordPress themes and plugins which are loved by every other blogger.  It offers 22,000 + plugins and 1000+ themes to give a pristine look to your website. These features give the WordPress website an outstanding look that you must be looking for.  But the CSS modification and the other similar features can ask you to pay a small amount of money.

Easy customization

Because of the page creation plugins, website design can be customized according to your perspectives. For that, you do not need to edit your theme files or type any code. Though, you can also develop custom forms with the available form creation plugins. You can also go with custom WordPress development services for any other customization.

SEO friendly

WordPress can add keywords to the URLs which is a very significant task. A permalink structure looks like http://yourdomain.com/?p=123.   WordPress receives unfriendly URL out of the way and let users focus on the main keywords: http://yourdomain.com/keywords.

WordPress also has full- functional SEO plugins with a lot of tools, like, easy metadata control, canonical URLs, XML sitemaps, and many more.  It gives an authority to add a list of social media tools that would be beneficial for SEO. For developing a custom and resource-intensive website, you need to compress everything and that could be very exhaustive. This can be applied to any website for any CMS. Though, WordPress has those tools and structure that helps you to execute the task easily and effectively.  The one thing that one has to consider is

“Content” than performing on-page SEO in WordPress and configuration on hundred plans.

Quick Integration of third-party services

When you need a third-party service, such as PayPal checkout payment Gateway for WooCommerce, that can easily be executed with the available plugins.  The marketing approaches can be integrated with A/B testing and varied online marketing strategies. It has plenty of plugins to fulfill the website’s businesses’ personal needs so that you can choose the relevant one for you.

Experts recommend WordPress for website development because of its flawless features, look, speed, security, scalable and responsive nature.  WordPress team has support networks, test drivers and talented coders for building and improving the software or website.

This powerful CMS meets W3C guidelines and considers the best conventions with leading search engines. Its community executes the tests appropriately to assure that the software is compatible with all important browsers, like Opera, Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome. On an all, WordPress is the platform for your brand.  It’s worth to go with WordPress for your business growth.

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