Top 7 Must Follow Trends for Ecommerce Technologies in 2021

40% of internet users worldwide have bought something online. This implies that ecommerce is a sector with increasing revenue generation.

With this exceptional growth in the ecommerce sector, it becomes essential to aid it with various technologies to yield better results.

The idea behind incorporating these technologies is to enhance the user’s experience.

Which technologies can I use to make my ecommerce better?

The world now lives and breathes on technology. There are several ways in which you can implement for your revenue generation.

Here are the top 7 trends for ecommerce Technologies this year-

  • Mobile friendly-

Smartphones have become the 11th finger. Making your website mobile-friendly will make it convenient and add to the accessibility and increase reach.

These mobile-friendly websites can be incorporated with elements like cart, share and e-wallet facilities to make them more user- friendly.

The inclusion of mobile-friendliness also helps the company identify the location of the users and make suggestions accordingly.

  • Inclusion of AI-

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence enhances the users experience and helps the company understand the user’s preference better.

AI Analyses helps identify the buying patterns of the user and makes personalized recommendations based on them. These recommendations help the user see the products they might be interested in.

Based on these collected data, ecommerce Companies can run successful marketing campaigns.

  • Subscriptions-

15% of online shoppers have a subscription to have products regularly. Subscriptions are major of 3 kinds- replenishment (automated recurring purchases), curation (personalized purchases) and access (cheaper member-only perks).

This means that users are willing to invest in personalized service.

  • Free communication

Two-way communication is a rapidly growing trend for ecommerce Technologies.  Having personalized, real-time, one-on-one conversations makes the user believe that they understand and care for the user’s needs.

Chatbots are a popular way of handling multiple conversations at the same time. The answers can be operated manually as well as automated by a given data pool.

  • Voice assistance-

Voice shopping has been predicted to grow substantially. Leading ecommerce portals are building their SEO strategies around voice assistance.

So in order to stay relevant in the coming times, one must plan to focus on voice assistance to boost their revenue generation.

  • Inclusion of AR and VR-

Many people feel that ecommerce does not have the same satisfaction which a brick and mortar store offers. AR and VR are a growing trend to curb this feeling.

So with AR and VR, you can try before you buy, even from an online store. Customers can virtually try on products, get a feel of the dimensions etc., before buying, making the shopping experience more interactive.

Hubpost suggests-‘This personalized and interactive online shopping experience has led to the augmented reality market being projected to generate $70 to $75 billion in revenue worldwide by 2023.’

  • Gamification of portals-

Online shopping is not as interactive as physical shopping, so to uplift the experience, Gamification encourages a user to buy by giving them additional benefits.

It is one of the ecommerce Technologies which is fun and also encourages the user to buy more.

Some of the popular gamification ideas are- promotional contests, spin-to-win opportunities, reward systems and tiered VIP loyalty programs.


A number of Ecommerce giants pay credit to such technologies for their popularity. Along with the addition of these technologies, it is essential to provide quality content. Quality content may be a little difficult to create but you can always opt for a paid service from the top content writing company.

Identifying and implementing the changing trends is a way to enhance the consumer’s experience. So it is suggested to invest in such trends to increase the revenue inflow.

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