What’s new in SAP Analytics Cloud version 2021.23

Harnessing data and correctly using them is very important in all aspects of life. A lot of data is created regularly in a company; making sense out of those numbers requires intense computational power and visualization. This is where the SAP Analytics cloud comes in as a solution for organizations that rely on data to run their operations.

Like every other SAP solution, this platform also gets updated every quarter, and in this article, we will be looking at the new features in this version named 2021.23. We will also study the technical requirement, ensuring that users can adequately access the latest features from their end.

Technical Requirements for running the latest version of SAP Analytics Cloud

You have to have particular requirements to run the SAP Analytics cloud planning software on your system. Complicated visualization tasks and calculations occur, which requires specific features that will be discussed in this section. The different technical requirements can be divided into the following subcategories:

  • Client software requirements – The desktop browser that is being used should display the platform at 100% zoom without any graphic changes from the default browser settings. Browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari can be used, but they should be the latest version.

Updating the browser and staying up to date is very important to get the best out of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. The operating system of the client software should be Windows 7,8,10, or Apple OS Catalina or higher. Also, a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 is essential.

  • Client configurations needs – Configuration refers to the features required for the client end machine to work correctly with SAP Analytics Cloud. The network requirement lies within 500-800 kilobyte per sec. The range of bandwidth required is usually the same as that is necessary for browsing websites. The platform is designed in a way that provides the best results without using too much computational power.

The browser cache size should be somewhere around 250MB as SAP Analytics Cloud is a Web 2.0 application which requires cache memory space for static content like images. Clearing the cache will only set back the operating speeds. The cookies for the browser should be enabled, and pop-up windows should be present for SAP Analytics Cloud planning.

  • Mobile requirements – The mobile version is compatible with both iOS devices and android devices. The need for Apple devices is to have iOS 13.0 or advanced OS. For the android variant, Android 9.0 or higher is good.

At least 2GB RAM is required for iOS devices, while 6GB RAM is essential for any Android device to run SAP Analytics Cloud. A good data pack or internet support is necessary for monitoring different aspects via the application in real-time. The mobile app version for iOS can connect to other URLs that are only from a trusted source.  

New Features in SAP Analytics Cloud

There are quite a few features added to the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, and the following is a list of a few of the important ones:

  • Data integration – Performance improvement in the newer version leads to better performance with faster loading speeds. Now a page can carry 50,000 records as compared to the earlier 1,000 records. This reduces waiting time for the loading process as all the data gets loaded at once.
  • Dashboard and story design – Data visualization has also significantly improved with a more straightforward UI setup and options for viewing and exploring stories. Also, the opportunity to resave stories that support team text signatures. Properly executed workflows and dashboard characters play an essential role in gaining performance improvements. 
  • Enterprise planning – The calendar design panel is used for planning events and tasks on the SAP analytics cloud platform. Earlier all the people were displayed, but now only the first five contributors are shown. A link is provided, which can be used to access the remaining owners and reviewers.
  • Augmented analytics – The new version comes with the ability to compare different market trends with one another. This helps in identifying the effect of influencers and separating the trends. This helps in understanding what changes can be done in the company’s operations to better influence the outcomes.
  • Analytics design – The user can select a list of widgets to improve the user experience. That is done by using an API where the filter brings the widgets applied for that particular action. The designers will also change the action flow from the Flow Layout Panel to hide unwanted widgets while operating. This helps in creating a clean and planned-out interface. 


There has been a significant amount of development in the SAP Analytics Cloud platform that allows organizations to collaborate with SAP consulting company and understand their performance easily. There are significant improvements that focus on improving the flexibility of the platform. The ability to monitor and control data from mobile devices helps in instant responses from the management when required. This 2021.23 version is also compatible with most devices that have the basic graphic support and tools present. A detailed discussion of the technical necessities for running the software is done in this article.

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